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Daily Six Pack

No linkfest yesterday due to the emergency room visit. Today's 5 links and a personal nugget:

  1. More WMD found? Blackfive has the details.
  2. Sadaam's relatives held in the Nick Berg murder.
  3. Soon you'll be able to see Chloe Sevigny giving a hummer.
  4. No really, Tom Cruise is a flaming heterosexual - just hairless.
  5. Washingtoniene gets her salad tossed off Capital Hill.
I have no time to do lawn care this year, I've had to outsource everything. It's somewhat depressing to not have the time to make that nice tight cut on your lawn and get the "looks like a golf course green" compliments. The lawn still looks good - it's just that I don't have the same feeling of pride.

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