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Googlebomb Contest

The Wall Street Journal featured a short article today on a Google bomb contest being run by an affiliate network named Dark Blue. The SEO Challenge (SEO stands for search engine optimization) rewards the site that holds the top Google search result for a nonsense phrase with no previous Google hits.

The phrase is for the competition is: Nigritude Ultramarine

On the date of the contest announcement that phrase returned no matches at Google. There are now close to 200,000 matches for that seach. If you are curious about the "Google effect" keep an eye on this contest, you might learn a few tricks from the winners.

More information is available via the Nigritude Ultramarine FAQ.

Comments (6)

i have been running a campa... (Below threshold)

i have been running a campaign to direct the phrases "RNC COnvention" "GOP Convention" and "Republican National Convention" to the correct website: www.200nycgop.org

I have various results posted on my site. The goal was to unseat anti-convention groups from top rankings. So far, we've progressed well.


Huh- Whoever wins that is a... (Below threshold)

Huh- Whoever wins that is a millionaire.

That's called a Googlewhack... (Below threshold)

That's called a Googlewhack, Kevin. Google the word and you'll find out what it is. I think I still have a page devoted to Googlewhacks on my site.

That's where I read ... (Below threshold)

That's where I read about them, Meryl. I'd never heard of them before that.

Isn't a phrase only a googl... (Below threshold)

Isn't a phrase only a googlewhack if a unique result is returned?

If google is returning 200,000 results for that phrase now, it's no longer a googlewhack, I don't htink.

What? A googlewhack is a go... (Below threshold)

What? A googlewhack is a google search using two dictionary words that only return a single result.

See also www.googlewhack.com

Not that I've wasted a few days there or anything....






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