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Washingtonienne - The Big Reveal

Everyone's favorite nympho Hill staffer is Jessica Cutler. Ricky Vandal is running her picture.

Breaking News: Wonkette has an exclusive interview with Jessica.

Update: Swamp City is running an interview with the dude who scooped up the Washingtonienne blog name.

Update 2: The Washingtonienne Archive (the actual posts resurrected from cache files) awaits the return of the real Washingtonienne. Now that she's out of work, encourage her to pick up there where she left off. In possibly the worst kept secret of all time, I'll fess up to being the one who created the Washingtonienne Archive site.

Update 3: Richard Leiby has an interview with Jessica in the Sunday Washington Post. Supposedly there was a photo that went with the article, we'll have to check the print edition for that...


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Comments (8)

Not bad looking; as we used... (Below threshold)

Not bad looking; as we used to say in college, "She's worth a bang or three..."

She's alright. I saw hotte... (Below threshold)

She's alright. I saw hotter girls at the bar tonight. But she's definately a girl I would approach at a club. She's a closet nympho for sure.

However, why is this news? A girl in DC has lots of sex????? Man, I know a lot of girls in this town who do the same shit every night. This really is'nt news.

"However, why is this news?... (Below threshold)

"However, why is this news? A girl in DC has lots of sex?????"

This IS news, and I will attempt to anwser that question in my blog today.

"Closet" nympho?... (Below threshold)

"Closet" nympho?

Butterface.I have to... (Below threshold)

I have to hand it to her...she def has some balls doing what she did.

I want to know the internal... (Below threshold)

I want to know the internal operation of revealing text and comments.Please tell me about that. I will very thank to you

There's a thin line between... (Below threshold)

There's a thin line between being a dumbass and having balls.

<a href="http://jade.bilder... (Below threshold)

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