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WordPress vs. Expression Engine

I'm evaluating the latest release of WordPress (the newly released version 1.2) and the commercial version of pMachines Expression Engine for SportsBlog. SportsBlog is a dynamic multi-author site which has stretched MovableType well beyond it's native capabilities and looks to be a good test subject to put both WP and EE through their paces.

Aside from the price and licensing model differences between the two products, why is EE better than WP? Why is WP better than EE? Especially valuable is input from bloggers who use (or have used) both.

Share your thoughts or questions in the comments. I know there a large number of folks who have recently moved from MT to both products who may want to weigh in as well...

Update: Jed at Boots and Sabers has an excellent wrapup of their move from MT to EE, including the gotcha's and fixes.

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I am currently experimentin... (Below threshold)

I am currently experimenting with both. I like a lot of the functions of EE, but have had some problems with it.

I installed WP this morning, and it was a breeze.

The main issue I have with both is trying to figure how to get both to properly send out update pings and trackbacks.

The EE version of PoliBlog I created had a horrible lag for loading the comments--it would take a full minutes for any comment page to load.

At the moment neither has convinced me to switch away from MT 2.6--but I am not done evaluating as yet. Any input anyone has will be most appreciated.

There's a lot of discussion... (Below threshold)

There's a lot of discussion of this at Forum4Bloggers.com. I've just moved my blog (www.luxeword.com) to EE. The F4B threads on this are at http://forum4bloggers.com/viewforum.php?f=6, and contains tons of useful info.

F4B Founder

Wearing my Fanblogs hat ... (Below threshold)

Wearing my Fanblogs hat here, Kev.

One of the strenthgs of MT is the ability to use static pages, especially on a high demand site like Fanblogs, SportsBlog, or Wizbang. The ability to tinker with layouts & templates without impacting the static pages is key. You can add features or tweak the layout without ever having to warn readers or torpedo site performance.

Wihtout static pages, you would always get a "construction warning" at Fanblogs.

I haven't had any experienc... (Below threshold)

I haven't had any experience with EE yet, but I just made the move from MT to WordPress 1.2 at my blog earlier this week. So far, I've absolutely loved WP. Installation and MT entry importation/redirection were just as straightforward as promised, the speed is truly impressive, and it's a treat not having to rebuild after every change. At first, I did have some trouble with trackbacks/pings, but those were all sorted out when I upgraded from the beta to the actual release.

As far as I'm concerned, WP is definitely ready for primetime. I switched over on a lark, and I can honestly say that I don't have any intention of going back to MT.






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