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John Kerry- Man of the People

Apparently Greyhound busses are not swanky enough for John Kerry. It was OK for Bill Clinton and then for Al Gore but Mr. Heinz decided he wanted to ride in style.

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It's a Boeing 757-236 which can carry 200+ people but Senator Kerry has his own private cabin and some other goodies so this model can only carry about 100. He can jet from New York to Paris Los Angles in a single hop.

The only story I could find did not list a price tag but I'd guess it to be in the $65 to $75 million range depending on age, interior and avionics.

Of course I'm sure it's not his, it's the family's.


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Comments (7)

757 thats the same plane Bu... (Below threshold)

757 thats the same plane Bush had in 2000.

Hey Paul, you haven't post... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul, you haven't posted anything about W falling off his bike, is it time for training wheels? Of course we wouldn't want any ugly rumors about W being (back ?) on the blow now would we?

I guess Kerry outgrew his w... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I guess Kerry outgrew his wife's Gulfstream V, alias "The Flying Squirrel..."


Luap,Pretty funny ... (Below threshold)


Pretty funny about Dubya falling off the bike. All I could think when I heard that was, "Man, didn't he do that before?!" :-)

"...W being back on the blow..." LOL


I'm guessing the plane is l... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing the plane is leased.

Oh, I'm sure it is... ... (Below threshold)

Oh, I'm sure it is...

But what are the lease payments on a 75 million dollar aircraft compared to a Greyhound bus like most candidates use?

I am not a Kerry supporter ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Hayden:

I am not a Kerry supporter by any means - I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher.

That said, a presidential candidate of a national party needs to be able to jet from one end of the country to the other with his press corps to be ocmpetitive.

He is running against a candidate with a tax supported (but reimbursed by his committee for campaign events) custom 747 that comes with at least a couple of other planes whenever it flys anywhere. I saw it under guard a couple of years ago in PHX, along with an Air Force transport plane and a couple of Air Force executive jets. It is impressive - recongnizable around the world.






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