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Oh, wow, the colors...

I'm on some GOOD drugs right now. Between a sprained/pulled muscle in my calf and a cough that's going on 3 weeks, in addition to my regular medical issues, I'm taking enough pills that when I hop, I rattle. (And with the way my leg hurts, I'm getting damn good at hopping.)

Anyway, prescription cough syrup is FUN. Right now I'm taking Tussionex. Before I started taking it, the sign outside my house said "YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS." After one dose, it said "SLOW - SPEED BUMPS." I figure after a couple more, it'll be a much-more useful "SPEED LIMIT 55 MPH."

Woo hoo!


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"Better living through chem... (Below threshold)

"Better living through chemistry!"

Granny Bodine

Tell me about it! After my ... (Below threshold)

Tell me about it! After my first year at college, I've discovered some good stuff, but nothing beat what the doctor gave me -- cough syrup containing codeine and alcohol made me think sitting at a computer staring at swirly thingys and listening to wacko music was activity.

When the sign starts saying... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

When the sign starts saying:
Kill the Kittens, Kill the Kittens
Then you've had too much.






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