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Another Kevin (Life at TJ's Place), brought hazy memories of parties gone by back with this passage:

The waitstaff had a party after work Saturday night (according to the Monday report). Around 5:00 in the morning someone decided it would be a good idea to start shooting arrows off the deck with a compound bow. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, it's time to leave the party when somebody does a beer bong, vomits on the floor, and says, "Hey, let's get out Dave's compound bow!" It was always like that at the parties I remember. The guys who weren't getting any decided to end the night with violence and/or dangerous activity. Hitting golf balls, tackle football, nunchuck fights, homerun hitting contests with aluminum baseball bats and golf balls. I'm amazed no one has been killed.
I have no recollection of nunchuck fights, but that's probably only because none of my friends owned any. Other than that, he's spot on...

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The phrase "guys who weren'... (Below threshold)

The phrase "guys who weren't getting any" explains why some of us never engaged in any of the activities described. Violence and dangerous activity a substitute for three cheerleaders in a hot tub? Who knew?






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