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Kerry At His Best

Is it just me or is John Kerry most effective against President Bush when he does and says nothing?

The non-nomination nomination trial lead balloon.

The Harry Truman fiasco.

The training wheels remark.

He should take more vacations if he wants to win...

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Look, I have no love for Fr... (Below threshold)

Look, I have no love for FrankenKerry, but the training wheels comment was hilarious.

But yes, his numbers do seem to dip when he opens his yap.

This would confirm Mickey K... (Below threshold)

This would confirm Mickey Kaus' assertion that the Dems would do better to keep Kerry out of the public eye.

I want to know why the so-c... (Below threshold)

I want to know why the so-called "liberal" media attacks Kerry for flip-flopping when George W. Bush himself has flip-flopped from his campaign promises enough times for Jon Stewart to feature a Bush vs. Bush debate on The Daily Show. However, Kerry does seem to come off as a jerk. I am one of the ones who liked him until he started to open his mouth. You do have to admit that his insults are funny and intelligent, though...OK...other than "bring it on" and calling a Secret Service agent a "son of a bitch," but people do that a lot.






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