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Tee It Up

The view towards the hole from the first tee of the Kabul Club course May 23, 2004. There are no fairways and no bunkers, the greens are black, the clubhouse is collapsing and has no walls. The good news is that you can use a tee for every shot at the Kabul Golf Club. (Tim Wimborne/Reuters)

A sure sign of progress - golfers can tee it up at the Kabul Golf Club - home to the Afghan Open this July. It's been a while since Tiger Woods won a major, maybe he'll take on the 9 hole course...

It's got cheap greens fees and is land mine free.

Comments (3)

...land mine free... oooooo... (Below threshold)

...land mine free... ooooooh. low blow. :)

A little light on the water... (Below threshold)

A little light on the water hazards too, I'm betting...

Well, at least that puts it... (Below threshold)

Well, at least that puts it one up on the 1 hole course at Camp Bonifas (http://ima.korea.army.mil/UsasaAreaI/Camp%20Bonifas/Facilities.htm)






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