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Hair Care From Hell

When I was younger, I worked in a pharmacy. One day I was inventorying the hair products when I saw something that haunts me to this day.

An innocent-looking plastic bag with fourteen letters that gave me nightmares.


I gotta ask. Who was the sick bastard who looked at a placenta and said to himself (because it HAD to be a man), "I wonder what would happen if I rubbed this on my head?"

I suspect it was someone French. It HAD to have been someone related to the first person to think of eating snails.


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The active ingredient in Pr... (Below threshold)

The active ingredient in Preparation H is shark liver oil.

Who had hemerhoids so bad he tried rubbing his ass with a shark liver?

somebody has WAY too much t... (Below threshold)

somebody has WAY too much time on his hands...

Common, don't be squimish, ... (Below threshold)

Common, don't be squimish, snails are delicious..... as are raw oysters and cherry clams or sushi.....

And lot of very powerful medicine is made from urin from pregnant women - but I won't tell you which medicine that is ;-)

Oh, just had to add this to... (Below threshold)

Oh, just had to add this to make your day: in German magazine "SPIEGEL ONLINE" today you can find an article about the value of Hippo sweat!
Japanese scientist seem to have rubbed of some slime that Hippos ooze like sweat and found out, that his sweat-slime-thing is in effect some kind of natural body lotion. It consists of two pigments, orange and red, who prevent damage from UV-rays to the tender Hippo-skin and the red pigment seems also to have some anti-bacterial function too. So it certainly won't take long before you rub Hippo-slim over your body at the beach!

...and don't forget to chec... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

...and don't forget to check on Gelatin, a main ingredient in Jello.

I once went to a party that... (Below threshold)

I once went to a party that a co-worker threw to celebrate the birth of her child. She was a strange, ex-hippie and delivered the baby at home using a midwife.

During the party, she offered all of the women a bowl of "placenta stew."

Yep. She saved the afterbirth and cooked it up into some kind of witches brew. It was supposed to have healing and fertility-inducing properties. When a couple of the women accepted and started to eat the nasty stuff, I made a quick exit.

Oh, puke.... (Below threshold)

Oh, puke.

One can only hope that this... (Below threshold)

One can only hope that this more another "urban legend" than a real experience..... I would probably suffer a real pschological trauma from this. Yikes!
While some animals obviously eat the afterbirth (probably to make good for the loss of blood and energy through birth or to keep predators from getting to much wind about their dangerous state weak body constitution) I thought that humans are above that..... but well, we are just another bunch of mamals afterall.

i love this siteooooooooo</... (Below threshold)

i love this siteooooooooo






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