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Weird Al

Inspired by the vacationing deity himself, Allah.


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Comments (7)

Nah. He needs a Hitler must... (Below threshold)

Nah. He needs a Hitler mustache, forelock, and armband in honor of the billionth Ted Rall "Bushitler" scribble.

Is he wearing his pants bec... (Below threshold)

Is he wearing his pants because it sure looks like he's getting some.... or he's getting his prostate exam done.

As I listened to this guy s... (Below threshold)

As I listened to this guy screaming, I was imagining him as a sports announcer doing the pregame lineup: Donald Rumsfield! (cheers) and Wolfowitz! (cheers)....

Political captions. Now tha... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Political captions. Now that's an interesting twist. All that came to mind to me, when I first saw this picture, were gay porn related captions.

What part of "I AM NOT 'F'"... (Below threshold)

What part of "I AM NOT 'F'" didn't you fucking understand.

I've looked like that, but ... (Below threshold)

I've looked like that, but my face was right over a toilet bowl at the time.

I hope the folks in the first five rows were wearing raincoats.

My Photoshop <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

My Photoshop treatment. Animation, too.






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