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Judge not, lest ye be judged

As I said earlier, it's all about location, location, location.

Here is a story about a Cow Hampshire Judge being suspended from the bench after allegedly getting drunk and groping at least five women while attending a legal conference.

The topic of the gathering? Preventing domestic and sexual abuse.

Sometimes it's embarrassing to be from Cow Hampshire...


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Lol! Well... actually, it's... (Below threshold)

Lol! Well... actually, it's not all funny, but at least it wasnt a conference on preventing genocides... *g*

We had something similar ha... (Below threshold)

We had something similar happen here in Carmel, CA. A judge got drunk and forced his way into the hotel room of two women. He tried to force one of them to have sex with him. Later, he filed a lawsuit against the woman he attacked for having him arrested.

The last I heard, he was suspended. I think he was a judge in Florida. I'm not sure, though.






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