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Moore Claims To Have Berg Footage

The story of Nick Berg keeps getting stranger...

New York (AP) - Outtakes from filmmaker Michael Moore's controversial new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" include footage of an interview with Nicholas Berg.

Moore says he has about 20 minutes of an interview with Berg, the American businessman who was beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists. He'd been a staunch supporter of the war.

Moore says he's not releasing it to the public, but has been dealing with Berg's family. He's not saying what Berg said in the interview.

Berg's killing was seen in a video posted on the Web site of an Islamist group.

Assuming the footage exists (which is debatable given Moore's penchant for lying), how would an unknown contractor like Nick Berg come to the attention of Michael Moore? Why would Moore interview Berg for 20 minutes (n the United States last year) for his anti-Bush movie Fahrenheit 9/11, when Berg's family insists that he was pro-Bush and supported war?

It doesn't make sense for either Nick Berg or Michael Moore to have done this interview.

Here is my theory: Moore was trolling for kills. I know from advance word on the movie that in at least one instance Moore interviewed a military family before the troop deployed and after they received word that the soldier was killed in action.

Was the Nick Berg interview a similar ploy by Moore? Was the modus operandi on the film to do a bunch of stateside interviews and hope some of them die so you can get a great grieving shot with bonus emotional anti-war statements from the formerly pro-war family?

In the case of Nick Berg I'm sure Moore would have noticed the potential for anti-Bush screeds from father Michael in the event that the (supposed) pro-war son died. Was Moore just sketching a really good "before" portrait for Nick Berg on the off chance that he would get killed in the course of the making of Fahrenheit 9/11?

Perhaps Nick's father, Michael Berg, set him up with Moore? Given that Michael Berg blames everyone but the terrorists for his sons death that seems plausible.

Even Moore realizes that it's too late (and to incendiary) to tarnish the reputation of Nick Berg now, but you can bet that if he really does have the video he will find a way...


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Comments (19)

That is pretty harsh. I don... (Below threshold)

That is pretty harsh. I dont particularly care for Moore, as I consider him a sort of glory hound. And in the interest of full disclosure here I will say I have never even seen one of his movies, but I dont believe he would wish someone dead to make a point.
Michael is a Patriot, and someone with passionate beliefs, sometimes they get out of hand.

the man is such an ass.... (Below threshold)

the man is such an ass.

Dunno, Kevin, most of these... (Below threshold)

Dunno, Kevin, most of these theories sound a little too black helicopter-ish for me. Other than the theory that the whole thing is a Moore lie.

And David, I disagree with your evaluation that Moore is a Patriot, and that he wouldn't wish someone dead to further his "cause." I don't believe that this is the case in the Berg situation, but I could easily believe that he could wish that someone, especially a pro-war Bush supporter, would die to help him make his point.

Every time he opens his mouth, Moore manages to diminish himself even further in my eyes.

sorry Boyd, I am not buying... (Below threshold)

sorry Boyd, I am not buying it. I can understand why anyone who supports Bush would feel that way, and I respect the point of view. But I dont buy the idea that someone criticizing our government is a nut case, JUST BECUASE they criticize it. I have never seen anyone in the administration legally challenge Moore on anything he says. Like I said I have not seen his movie, but for example, he is not the first person to point out the Saudi connection, and discounting his politics, others with no Political Axe to grind have done so as well, and did a damed good job documenting it as well.

But I dont buy the idea ... (Below threshold)

But I dont buy the idea that someone criticizing our government is a nut case, JUST BECUASE they criticize it.

Then you haven't been paying attention, because that's not why we think he's a nutcase. Maybe you need to go and see one of his movies so you'll have a better handle on what you think you're talking about.

Okay McGehee:That is... (Below threshold)

Okay McGehee:
That is a fair criticism. And I will make it a point to do so. But I checked out your blog, and it seems that the people who are calling him a nutcase are all on the Right, is that a Fair assessment?

Probably not. It's certainl... (Below threshold)

Probably not. It's certainly easier to find such opinions on the right, but I have no doubt there are Lefties who wish he would stop trying to represent their point of view with his distortions.

There have to be some on the left who would rather Moore weren't handing us Righties so much ammunition.

I appreciate and respect ho... (Below threshold)

I appreciate and respect honesty. As you rightfully pointed out, I have not seen Moore's movies, and perhaps there are distortions, but there is a lot of truth to what he has apparently said too. From what I understand, the Administration still has not addressed the Saudi/911 connection for example. I would like to see an objective person on the Right address that. I would also like someone to address the the connection between Bush and Ken Lay of Enron... There are a bunch of issues addressed by Moore and others that the Administration has never addressed. It has appeared to me for some time that the Right has a real problem addressing its scandals, and that dissent is always pooh poohed as being extremist rhetoric. I would like to know one person on the left who has criticized the administration, who IS looked upon as sane and objective.

To a lot of us, these thing... (Below threshold)

To a lot of us, these things you're talking about are like the things that some writers brought up in the '90s about Clinton and, say, Vince Foster or the Mena airport.

In retrospect I can see why the Clinton administration never responded to those...

It has appeared to me fo... (Below threshold)

It has appeared to me for some time that the Right has a real problem addressing its scandals

Were you watching when Rightbloggers (including yours truly) joined in demanding that Trent Lott step down as Senate majority leader, or did you miss that?

Part of the problem (see my previous comment above) is that what gets raised as "scandal" against this administration really is largely extremist rhetoric trying to build a mountain out of an anthill.

I would like to know one person on the left who has criticized the administration, who IS looked upon as sane and objective.

As long as you're looking in Moore's vicinity, you won't find one. In fact there have been numerous politicians and columnists whose criticism of this administration, while partisan, is nowhere near as extreme as, say, Al Gore's recent spittlefest or the movies of Michael Moore.

Where have you been looking?

I've got to agree with McGh... (Below threshold)

I've got to agree with McGhee on his last point.

As a Republican, I was embarrassed by those Foster conspiracy theories pushed by the far right - like that was supposed to be the group think mindset.

DavidI'm not going... (Below threshold)


I'm not going to be able to say what I want candidly without it sounding personal so try to bear with me.

If you believe anything Moore says has any truth to it, then you really are naive. -- Painfully naive.

Go visit revoketheocsar.com or any of the dozens of websites that chronicle his lies. (michalemorewatch.com rings a bell)

He is such a moron I don't even bother keep up with the man. He is delusion and seeks to propagate those delusions to people who have not the critical thinking skills to analyze what he is says... Like they say in the commercials- Don't be that guy.


OH- And it ain't just righties- A liberal cousin of mine had to watch Columbine for film class and he had to be peeled off the wall he was so annoyed.

Neither of the two links yo... (Below threshold)

Neither of the two links you gave worked. So I cant read them. I can tell you that there is no need to get personal, I certainly wont, though I note that people on the right always seem to depend on that tactic to make a point. "IF YOU DONT SEE THINGS AS I DO, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!"
Like I said, I have seen neither of his films, but have visited his web site, and found some of his arguments compelling. I think George Bush and his policies have damaged our country more than ANY President in history.
I note that anytime ANYONE questions the policies of the administration, they are an idiot, dont see the big picture, are non patriotic, etc. Question the War in Iraq, and you are a traitor who is damaging the moral of troops. Question our policy towards Israel, and you are anti-Israel or worse a racist who hates jews.
There are many things that trouble me about the Administration.

Free Speech Zones at Appearances by Bush.
People being arressted without due process.
CIA Officers being outted as Political vengeance.
Enron/Ken Lay and the relationship to Bush (And his lies about it).
The attacks against the patriotism of anyone regardless of political affiliation who even questions the Administration.
The attempted cover up of Abu Gharib.
The VERY troubling issue of what happened with the Saudis who were allowed to leave the states after 9/11, and I am sorry, this is NOT an urban legend. It has been acknowledged but NEVER justified.

But what troubles me the most is the fact that the administration WILL NOT admit wrong, until it is FORCED out of them by public opinion.

But I want to ask a simple question. I do not question the patriotism or naivette of any of you on the Right. I simply want to know, do you AS Conservatives, not feel some concern about the errossion of constitutional rights under this administration? Do you not feel a pang of concern when you read about FREE speech zones? As an American, I was taught from birth that OUR NATION is a free speech zone!

I think George Bush and ... (Below threshold)

I think George Bush and his policies have damaged our country more than ANY President in history.

Then you are not smart enough to be in this conversation anyway.

You don't seek the truth, you are just another left wing crazy idiot who is not smart enough to think for yourself so you follow the insane left like a puppy.

Go bark at the moon.

You know one of the things ... (Below threshold)

You know one of the things I love Herman? It is comments like yours, that show what the true issue is. Those who defend a position with insults are clearly in an indefensable position. I respect many of the comments above, and I have much respect for some of my fellow Bloggers who happen to be Pro-Bush and support their candidate. I dont think 40% of the country who currently support Bush are idiots, nor do I think they should be denied a place in the discourse. Likewise, those who feel otherwise are niether idiots, nor crazy. I am not going to insult you, I dont even know you, nor would I care to since you seem less inclined to have a civil conversation, than to simply attack and attempt to discredit those who dont share your narrowly focussed view. As I said above, there are many things about this administration that trouble me.

I am sure that someone like you has little interest in a discussion, but if you do, you will have a lot more credibility in my eyes by addressing the concerns I laid out above, instead of playing to the lowest common denominator and making your arguments by calling someone whom you obviously know nothing about, an idiot. For all I know, you could be chairing the Department of Humanities at Stanford University, so I will not make assessments as to your IQ, I will not bother to ask that you extend me the same courtesy, since you are obviously beyond that. But then again, I have niether misconceptions about my own intelligence, nor insecurities.

David, both of the links th... (Below threshold)

David, both of the links that Paul tried to post (type slower, pardner!) point to the same site: Moore Watch. I've just started looking them over myself.

I actually made it clear I ... (Below threshold)

I actually made it clear I was typing from memory.

Certainly, I gave David enough information that if he really wanted to, google could have gotten there. (you figured it out)

I see he did not have that much intellectual curiosity.


BTW- David as for your free speech zones, 7 of my friends were arrested because they had the temerity to protest Al Gore. They were told they were allowed to protest but only behind a row of dumpsters 1/2 mile away. That was long before 9/11 raised security fears. So quit repeating liberal talking points and get some knowledge whydontchya.

Quit spouting off at the mouth and read a few thigns. Maybe then 'ol Herman will take you more serious... As will I.

Ok David... you asked:... (Below threshold)

Ok David... you asked:

But I want to ask a simple question. I do not question the patriotism or naivette of any of you on the Right. I simply want to know, do you AS Conservatives, not feel some concern about the errossion of constitutional rights under this administration?

In order to answer that question I must know specifically which rights are being eroded. Don't just give me the moveon.org 'wild look in the eyes' mantra.

You have said constitutional rights are being eroded. Please tell me which rights, and how exactly new laws are against which article of the constitution.

If you can't support your claim, then you are just a another mindless hack in a long line of them.

I'll take your argument just as seriously as you will.

Okay Paul:Thanks to ... (Below threshold)

Okay Paul:
Thanks to Boyd giving me the link, I am reading the web site, and I see some of the points being made. For one, I dont agree with some liberal assertions that Bush could have stopped 9/11. Having said that I will again point out the lack of civility in your post. I am not your enemy. I am another American who happens to disagree with SOME of your points of view. I find it incredible that people can be so hateful BECAUSE you disagree with them. As for you question about the constitutional rights that are being erroded, what about the RIGHT to Due Process under the law?

What about the right to Free Speech, unencumbered by Free Speech Zones? Now I dont know about your 7 Friends, to be honest, and I have tried to be completely forthcoming in my discussion here. I dont even believe it happened. And if it did, I will challenge you to produce some documentation of it. It is very easy to document the so called Free Speech Zones under the current administration.

I will not be baited into getting into an irrational and emotional argument here, or resort to name calling to make my points. And to be equally candid, I am neither looking for your approval nor your respect or "being taken seriously," by you. Since you have ZERO impact on my livelihood or the quality of my life, your support is not necessary to my well being.
In fact, something which may come as a surprise to you, I dont even claim to be 100% right.
I, like many Americans, am struggling with my perceptions of the current state of our American Democracy. I realize that we are in a changing world, and that 9/11 had a profound impact in the way we move forward as a Nation.

I dont think George Bush is an evil man. Quite the contrary. I see him as a decent person, albiet a political one. I also frankly, see him as one of the lesser accomplished and Intelligent Presidents we have had, but in that fact he is not alone, and he himself has seemed to acknowledged that he is neither the brightest nor most accomplished person to occupy that office.

I am not a SUPER Partisan. I happen to think that the Senior Bush was a great man, and a man of principal and true compassion. Ronald Reagan was and remains in my eyes one of the Greatest American Presidents, and a True Leader of Principal.

Again, I am not going to get into a pissing contest with you Paul. I thank Boyd for sending me that link, as to Googling it, or whatever. To be honest, despite the distraction to a very BUSY business and personal life, that this discussion has become, I have neither the time nor the interest to go off researching Michael Moore critic sites. I am ALWAYS interested in hearing differing points of view, and If I WAS the pinhead dope that you and a couple others has pointed me out to be, I would more than likely NOT have admited I have not seen his movies, NOR would I be interested in the slightest in reading anything contrary to my own narrowly held beliefs, an affliction which is not unique to either side of the political spectrum it seems.

When Bush went to Iraq for Thanksgiving, my Blog was one of the first left leaning ones to acknowledge it. Likewise, tonight I intend to Blog on what the administration has apparently done in brokering peace in Sudan, something that as an American of African Descent, I especially appreciate.

I dont think very highly of Mr. Bush. I make no secret of this. But I dont think everyone who does think highly of him is an idiot becuase they dont share my views.
As AMERICANS, there are a wide variety of issues that we ALL need to be concerned about.
*The Deficit
*Erroding Privacy and Personal Freedom Concerns
*Terrorism and its Impact on our National Psyche, Economy and Personal safety
*The econonomy and making sure that the American Middle Class is able to survice in a Global Economy
*Affordable Healthcare for all

These are some of my concerns of mine. I dont have the answers and I am not sure if either Bush or Kerry do either. But they are concerns we all should share I think. I personally am tired of Partisanship to the point where we are calling people we dont even know idiots, or insulting their patriotism because they dont agree with us.

One of the great things about our Founding Fathers was that they could agree to disagree and still share the common bond of shared patriotism, knowing that even in dissent, those on the other side of the aisle shared a love for this country.

I adore my country, good and bad. I would gladly die for it. I respect and admire those who have chosen to serve, including the President, but that does NOT mean I blindly follow anyone.






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