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More Odd Names

With a name like Smucker's it must be good...

TAIPEI - Women are scared off by his suggestive name, says Mr Lan, who finally tied the knot with a Vietnamese bride.

In the case of a Taiwanese man, it scared off his dates, all 50 of them.

The women were presumably turned off or embarrassed when they were introduced by matchmakers to Mr Lan Shang-ta, 38, who works in the Tainan county government's engineering department.

His name sounds like lan seung tua - which literally means 'penis too big' - in Hokkien, the most widely-spoken language in Taiwan.

Obviously he had a hard time living up to his advance billing. Looks like he came up on the short end of the stick...

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Comments (2)

Is there *really* such a th... (Below threshold)

Is there *really* such a thing as *too big*? LOL.

Poor guy -- somebody should... (Below threshold)

Poor guy -- somebody should've introduced him to Washingtonienne.






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