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Time to Upgrade?

I had an unusual request from a customer today and I figured a few of you might benefit from my leg work. I had to configure a cheapo deluxe (but reasonable) computer. My customer lost 5 computers to a lighting strike so the budget is important. This is what I found:

Start with Soyo KT600 Barebones Kit with AMD Athlon XP 2600+, Case, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers for 150 bucks INCLUDING Processor!

Then add 512MB Memory for 75 bucks

And then get a Hitachi 80GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for 73 dollars

Get a Sony Black 52x32x52x16 Combo Drive, (DVD-ROM CD-RW) for $45

Toss in a PNY GeForce4 MX440 Video Card / 64MB / AGP 8X / TV Out for only 20 bucks

That's a total of $363 (plus freight some of which is free)

If you are driving a computer that is less impressive than this, you have no excuse not to upgrade. For $363 you get a very respectable computer complete with keyboard, mouse and speakers. I also gave them DVD drives and SATA hard drives. You could probably get the cost down to 300 with 256MB memory, a CD-ROM drive and an IDE drive. But why?


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sorry, all my hardware cons... (Below threshold)

sorry, all my hardware consultations end up with, "shut up and buy a Mac, 'cuz I'm not living here, okay?"

Hm. I match the RAM and bea... (Below threshold)

Hm. I match the RAM and beat the hard drive, but the CPU leaves me in the dust (mine's a Celeron 733, so I don't even have to look up the performance of the 2600+).

How many HDD slots does the kit have? My data is spread cross three disks for a total on the order of 115 GB, and I see no reason to physically move data if I don't have to.

TC- I freaking agree- ... (Below threshold)

TC- I freaking agree-

I never spec hardware but when a Windows customer loses half of his network, you do what ya gotta do.


(ahem ;-)

Ya know if ya followed the link it sez

- 4x 5.25' External Drive Bays
- 1x 3.5" External Drive Bay
- 2x 3.5" Internal Drive Bays

But if you get a 250ish SATA you'd be one happy puppy.

im staying away from soyo b... (Below threshold)

im staying away from soyo boards after i had 3 fail on the fdd controller and the nic card.

wow- and the little PC work... (Below threshold)

wow- and the little PC work I do, I love them - go figure???

I've had customers with maybe 5 or 6 and they all worked flawlessly... Guess that law of averages has to bite somebody huh?

What would you do to your c... (Below threshold)

What would you do to your configuration if you wanted a VHS-in -- DVD-out machine? My next dream is to convert 400 VHS tapes to 4 spools of DVDs. I'll also want to burn DVDs from my MiniDV tapes.

I play no games.

I'm running XP Home on an Intel-P3 600MHz 384MB RAM. Been thrilled with it. Of course it was an upgrade from a P1-66. (Yeah... I had an original Pentium chip with the math error.)

Well... I get whiplash from PCs and want to smack folk who think computers are slow. Of course, I started on punchcards in Dartmouth's computer lab in the 1960's when BASIC was being invented and I still have a few of my paper tape programs from high school in the late 1970s and can recall getting our first monitor to replace the teletypes I used to program on.

And I'm only 41.

Convince me out of the Sony VAIO I was looking at from Circuit City. $899. Oh... and there are $150 in rebates with that.

P4 HT;2.8MHz;800MHz front side bus;512MB PC2700 333MHz DDR;120GB 7200RPM ATA-100;DVD+/-RW

And a bit of software:

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Productivity Software Included Microsoft® Works® 7.0, Office 2003 (60-day trial), Intuit Quicken® 2004 New User Ed., Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, Norton® Internet Security® (90-day trial), VAIO® Recovery Wizard, Support Agent, VAIO Media™

Educational/Entertainment Software Included Click to DVD™, PictureGear Studio®, DVgate Plus™, SonicStage™, InterVideo® WinDVD®, MoodLogic® 2.5 trial (fees required), RealNetworks® RealOne™ Player, Apple QuickTime®

Ok Computers are fine and a... (Below threshold)

Ok Computers are fine and all.... but DON'T use a computer to make those DVD's. Get a good DVD burner and hook it up directly to your VCR. Running them thru the computer is an exercise in frustration.

Check out the Panasonic DMR-E50. Good bang for the buck and DVD-R. (and DVR RAM which is very cool)






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