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War Crimes, Live

(Courtesy Littlegreenfootballs)

With all the hullabaloo about Abu Ghraib Prison, apparently a much more flagrant war crime is being overlooked. Reuters recorded this video back on May 11, but hasn't found the time to release it.

Click here, then click on the video link for the top story on the right -- "UN AMBULANCES CARRY GUNS, NOT PATIENTS" and watch.

That's right. Armed Palestinian "militants" staging an attack, then fleeing in a United Nations ambulance. An ambulance, complete with markings, flashing red lights, sirens, and a big old UN flag flying mounted on the front fender.

A few days ago Israel stated that the Palestinians had used UN ambulances to transport the bodies of slain Israeli Defense Forces troops, along with armed "militants." The UN's Relief and Works Agency Commissioner Peter Hansen indignantly denied the charges, and demanded proof.

Mr. Hansen, here is your proof.

Would you like a little catsup with your crow, Mr. Hansen?


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<a href="http://e.tln0.com/... (Below threshold)
You mean the UN isn't as pu... (Below threshold)

You mean the UN isn't as pure as the driven snow?

What's next? There is no Santa Claus?!?!?!


But it's just ONE ambulance... (Below threshold)

But it's just ONE ambulance. And it was old and rusty. Probably imported from Syria.

Call me when you find a STOCKPILE of ambulances.


It is worth repeating: they... (Below threshold)

It is worth repeating: they are not anti-war. They are on the other side.

I'm going to read the story... (Below threshold)

I'm going to read the story now, but my first question is: was this done with the knowledge and (silent) consent of the UN, or was this an old, stolen UN ambulance?

The UN has lost its way: it is operating on the delusion that the state of Israel and the Palestinian movement are on equal moral ground, since concepts such as "right" and "wrong" have been abandonded as judgmental. This opens the door to excuse any atrocity in the name of advancing your cause. But has the UN become so myopic as to now see the Palestinians as "underdogs" who need a bit of under-the-table support? Can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine Israel committing such a reprehensible act?

When you blind yourself to moral absolutes, all you have left is the interminible struggle for power-sharing.






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