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What are the odds?

Apparently Michael Moore really did interview Nick Berg.

Berg says he's concerned about safety in Iraq on Michael Moore footage

In a 16-minute interview shot for Michael Moore's latest film, slain American Nicholas Berg said he was nervous about the security situation in Iraq as he prepared to travel there as an independent businessman, Berg's family said Saturday.

Moore's crew shot the footage at an Iraqi business conference in Arlington, Va., on Dec. 4, brother David Berg said. Nicholas Berg's decapitated body was found in Baghdad on May 8, and a video of his killing was posted on an Islamic militant Web site several days later.

Moore on Thursday confirmed he had footage of Berg _ shot for the anti-President Bush film "Fahrenheit 9/11" _ but said he would share it only with the family.

For being 23 years old, Nick berg got around.

First the password, then the beheading, now this! What are the odds a 23 year old would have 3 separate encounters with known terrorist leaders?

Yeah, I called Michael Moore a terrorist leader... Untwist your panties and get over it!


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Comments (11)

From the same crowd that wa... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

From the same crowd that was infuriated at the joking assertation that Bush was like Hitler?

Now you get my point...... (Below threshold)

Now you get my point...

Michael Moore can go around making all sorts of wild claims and nobody on the left gets outraged.

But point out the fact he is a liar and they get all huffy.

Spare me the feigned indignation.

You are not calling him a l... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

You are not calling him a liar, you are calling him a terrorist; little different. And, unless I missed something when I saw Bowling for Columbine, there were no lies. The information presented and conclusions reached might not be to your liking, but that doesn't mean they are lies. Obviously you can't be talking about his new movie either because I am sure you haven't seen it.

Saying Disney didn't tell him that his movie wouldn't be released is a lie, but as is saying you don't read the paper. So, unless you have some sort of smoking gun showing Michael Moore has lied about, oh I don't know, reasons to go to war, then I think I will keep my igdination front and center.

You are proving my point Bi... (Below threshold)

You are proving my point Bill.

Some guy on a blog insults Moore and you think that behavior is irresponsible.

But- Moore takes to the international stage during a time of war to accuse the President of the United States of starting a battle in that war for personal profit and you have no outrage for that behavior.

That's exactly why I said to untwist your panties.

I knew my relatively meaningless statement would fire up some mindless tool of the left but that same person would give Moore a pass.

Your hypocrisy is showing.

And if you really are naive... (Below threshold)

And if you really are naive enough to think Columbine was not a work of fiction then you have never googled the topic.

The whole thing with the Bank manager giving him a gun... STAGED by Moore.

The list goes on an on.

open your eyes.


If the staging is true than... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

If the staging is true than you have a point towards Moore being a liar; not a terrorist.

If he believes what he is stating, and he is not fabricating things (such as you imply above) then how is his action one that should make me angry? And furthermore how is my statement that he is not a terrorist hypocrisy? Are you stating that if I saw a blog post that accused Bush of being a terrorist I wouldn't take the same stance?

Even if Moore did lie and make it all up, should my level of anger be the same for a lying filmmaker as it is for a president misleading the public during the ramp up to a war?

I am not necessarily saying that I believe Bush mislead (probably more about him being misinformed), but to comeback at people that question the president by attacking a partisan filmmaker seems to be an act of desperation.

Bill- It's official. I'm bo... (Below threshold)

Bill- It's official. I'm bored.

No amount of reason works on people like you and I've leaved to appreciate that fact in the last few months.

I am confused as to where y... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I am confused as to where you see my lack of reason?

Moore questions the president so you question him; fair enough. But, does't the hypocrisy live in your camp with your comment about Moore being a terrorist? In that, when someone is stupid enough to link Bush to Hitler, or terrorists, or oil tycoons you react with great anger, but then when you link Moore to the same you expect silence? I truly couldn't care less about Michael Moore, I watch his movies for the comedy not necessarily the politics. The initial point of my post was to not so subtly point out that by calling Moore a terrorist you have sank to the level of the lefties who you condemned in the past.

Wouldn't that be hypocrisy?

Or, just a pretty good joke? :-)

Bill,Michael Moore m... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore makes comedy? I thought he received an award for best documentary, or something, at Cannes. He is truly multi-faceted.

With regard to misleading the public, see Hayes, Stephen.

Oh shit....I connected up w... (Below threshold)
Nick Lauren:

Oh shit....I connected up with one of those total moron liberal websites. You know, the kind of website created and frequented by people who typically don't think for themselves and instead thrive on propaganda created by the elite few who enjoy the worship, blow jobs and anal sex they get from their little flock of sheep.


Bill, do yourself a favor a... (Below threshold)
capt joe:

Bill, do yourself a favor and go read what spinsanity.com has to say about Moore's "truths". All his books and movies has major lies throughout. In fact, he stealth changed 2 items in "bowling for clowns" when it seemed like someone was going to sue.

Go sell crazy somewhere else, no one here needs it.






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