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A historical oddity

My earlier posting put me to thinking about World War II. One thing I noticed a while ago was a rather odd historical fact. Consider the following two statements:

1) No battles were fought within the United States during World War II.
2) There are two World War II battlefields within the United States.

Both these statements are true. Can anyone explain this odd quirk of history?


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You make a difference betwe... (Below threshold)

You make a difference between continental US and the real US including Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) and the Midway Islands. And some say the battle around the outlying Alaskan Islands.

Within the United States? D... (Below threshold)

Within the United States? Do you mean within the continental United States or its territories? If you mean the United States and its territories, then I would say the invasion of the Philippines and the Islands of Kiska and Attu in the Aleutian Islands chain by the Japanese. Oh, and the massive bombardment of Pearl Harbor. Don't embarrass me, tell me I'm right.

Damn, that was quick.... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Damn, that was quick.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and siezed a couple islands in the Aleutians, the chain that extends from Alaska. But at the time both were territories, not states; they became states in the 50's. The trick in the question was in verb tenses -- "were fought" vs. "are... within."

Close enough for me, Bill and Smelly.






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