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Dedicated Coverage

Bill at INDC Journal was out and about this weekend covering the World War II Memorial Dedication Weekend. He was armed with a digital camera and notebook, and gives you the story up close and personal

Check out the first installment of his excellent coverage. It's just like being there - without the annoying cicadas.

Update: Part II is now available.

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I came up on Friday, the Me... (Below threshold)

I came up on Friday, the Memorial is fantastic. All the petty whining and griping about it was immediately put into the perspective of snivelish ankle nipping when I saw the vets it honored walking around, the looks on their faces, and the faces of their family members.

oh, yeah. Cicadas? What freeking cicadas? I only saw one! (well there were some smushed/dead ones over in Crystal City, but...) I think you guys are griping too much about a couple of little bugs.


You were just in the wrong ... (Below threshold)

You were just in the wrong part of town. In Vienna the building I was at last week you had to run the gauntlet to get to your car. It was jet engine loud.






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