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Kerry's Intern Scandal Girl Speaks

Alexandra Polier traces the trail of how she got dragged into the headlines as the intern who was supposedly having and affair with John Kerry in New York Magazine. The story had all the makings of a Bill Clinton or Gary Hart style implosion for Kerry, except that it wasn't true.

Polier does comes off as the type who would (and did) have a thing for power and politicians. In the case of her relationship with Kerry, her own words paint her as someone seriously smitten by the attention - though not in a sexual way. She relished the fact that a Senator and his campaign staff were actively seeking her services, and she played it to the hilt. The fact that she had a secretive relationship with Kerry's finance director (Peter Maroney, about whom she gushed, "I found him charming, smart, and charismaticóa cuter version of his boss") is what eventually got her caught in the dragnet of muckraking Kerry's past.

She follows the story backward to it's source, stopping to interview the various movers of the story along the way. It turns out that the source is a female friend who had worked for a Republican lobbyist Bill Jarrell, though she doesn't name the source. Perhaps the story will come full circle and Drudge will out the friend...

The whole article is a fairly interesting look into the sausage factory-like underbelly of how tabliod news is "made."


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Comments (4)

Reading the whole thing -wh... (Below threshold)

Reading the whole thing -which is quite long- I'm stuck how completely naive this girl is.

That the internet is the fastest way to spread a rumor has been know for almost a decade now.

I also find a great deal of irony that a social climbing political hack turned "reporter" was complaining about others doing the same thing. But for a chance of fate, she'd be the one outside the door.

Guess she missed the irony.

Reminds you that even your ... (Below threshold)

Reminds you that even your friends (sadly) aren't to be trusted when money/power/fame/glory/whatever is involved... a la Linda Tripp (that vile vile vile woman - sorry can't say that name without adding that last part)

Jake, have you forgotten th... (Below threshold)

Jake, have you forgotten that Lewinsky tried to have Tripp certify as true on an court document things they both knew not to be true?

You do know what the word for that is, right? And do you know that such things can be even more complicating for a government employee than, say, your average auto mechanic?

If Lewinsky really thought she and Tripp were friends she would never have asked that of Tripp. Especially since it was all "only about sex."

It occurred to me after rea... (Below threshold)
James Kahn:

It occurred to me after reading the verbose article that Mz. Alexandra Polier has written; she is a crafty opportunist. Clearly she has taken this opportunity to post an example of her writing ability so that she might secure the attention of someone of importance. The fact that you have missed this amuses me greatly.

Clever girl.






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