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Blog Kabbalah

Leah Guildenstern has applied the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to various well known blogs. She's classified them according to the spheres of the tree of life. I'll admit to knowing nothing more about Kabbalah than that Madonna and other celebrities are into it. Here is how she starts of the listing:

The Sephirot and the Blogs

Keter, or Crown connects the above level to the level of this tree. As this level is before the revalation ideas and emotions no blogs are being placed in this category.

Chochma is the flash of insight. This is where an idea first comes into existence but it is not fully fleshed out. The Chochma Blogs include:
Silent Running

Bina is known as the river. The concept in Chochma can disappear just like a flash of lightning. However in Bina the idea is extended and broadened. Many examples and details are brought out in the idea which in Chochma was just a germ of a concept. The Bina Blogs include:
The Volokh Conspiracy
U.S.S. Clueless
Lawrence Lessig

[Read the rest]

I still don't know what it all means, but I'm not going to argue with being included in that company...

Update: Aaron's Rantblog has a graphical represntation of the tree.

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Kevin, I'm pretty sure that... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I'm pretty sure that if you're included in the same list as Instapundit that's GOTTA be a good thing! Pretty cool picture of the relationship over at Aaron's.

By the way, apparently, WhizBang is pretty popular. I was on two other blogs during the past week and you were mentioned. (Maybe that Kevin guy IS pretty smart. :-)







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