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Chris Matthews on a morning talk show completely stumped as to who Jose Padilla is. When Padilla was referred to as "the dirty bomber" it still didn't register.

In fairness to Matthews he was being interviewed on a sports oriented show (WHFS's The Sports Junkies), but as the emcee of the talking heads show Hardball on MSNBC you would think he'd be up on current events...

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Didn't Padilla play center ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Padilla play center field for the Red Sox back in 94?

Egad Kevin, how can you lis... (Below threshold)

Egad Kevin, how can you listen to that crap that HFS puts out? I know most morning radio shows are garbage, but the Junkies are the worst.

Channel surfing during a co... (Below threshold)

Channel surfing during a commercial break, which explains why I have absolutly no idea why he was calling in...

I liked the Junkies when th... (Below threshold)

I liked the Junkies when they followed Don and Mike on WJFK in the evenings. They were loose, obviously having a lot of fun, and always made me laugh.






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