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Capital Datebook

Women Against Bush, ActForLove.org, and a range of other progressive groups will hold the first ever "Singles Against Bush" mixer tonight in Washington, DC. The party start at 7pm at The Reef in Adams Morgan (2446 18th St. NW).

"For the first time ever, DC-area singles who want to take action will be able to get action at the same time," said Caryn Schenewerk, founder and president of Running in Heels, an unconnected political committee, and its current project, Women Against Bush. "With any luck, we won't just be creating new energy for the election in 2004 - we'll be helping bring about matches that will create new voters for the 2024." [Link]

I would say that it's a safe bet that Jessica Cutler (aka Washingtonienne) will be there. Booze, sex, and politics - she's certain to be there. Be on the lookout for her...

Update: James Owens crashed the party (apparently pretty hard) and managed to post at 2:57AM that he'd be back with a writeup as soon as he slept off the hangover.


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Comments (9)

Makes me wish I was single,... (Below threshold)

Makes me wish I was single, and living in Washington. Hehe. Though I admit I still have a thing for Ann Coulter, something about a bitchy arrogant, neo-nazi chick gets me going.

"we'll be helping bring abo... (Below threshold)

"we'll be helping bring about matches that will create new voters for the 2024"

Genetically bred Moonbats - scary

They must be having trouble... (Below threshold)

They must be having trouble recruiting. If the breeding program doesn't work, maybe they can try the ol' Frankenstein approach.

I don't think Jessica Cutle... (Below threshold)

I don't think Jessica Cutler will be there. Remeber this is a Singles Against Bush.

Her party affiliation is un... (Below threshold)

Her party affiliation is unknown. She was hired as an intern on the hill by Lieberman's office (Democrat) then moved to DeWine's office (Republican). If there's sex, booze, and politics involved I'm sure she'll sniff it out...

I'll go - do it for the tea... (Below threshold)

I'll go - do it for the team! Heck, we should ALL go!

All we'll be doing is acting on the wisdom of King Edward I (Longshanks): if we cannot get the democrats out, we'll breed them out!


Perhaps washington has repl... (Below threshold)

Perhaps washington has replaced New Orleans or Las Vegas as the American Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sounds like my Kind of Part... (Below threshold)

Sounds like my Kind of Party, I wonder if Bill Bennett and his Dominatrix will be there?

Only if the Beat Bush No... (Below threshold)

Only if the Beat Bush Now group was co-hosting.






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