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No Tenet Book Anytime Soon

From Washington Post Associate Editor Robert G. Kaiser's chat session:

Q: How long will it take Director Tenet to write a book, joining the likes of Paul O'Neill and Richard Clarke?

Robert G. Kaiser : Many questions like this this morning. I don't think there is any chance that Tenet can write a book that could be out before the election. For one important thing, anything he writes will have to be cleared by the CIA, under an agreement he and all CIA employees have to sign. So don't expect a blockbuster from him any time soon.

If and when he does write a book, I suspect its purpose will be to defend himself. It could be a long book.

And he does share one other insider tidbit.
Q: Who gains from this resignation?

Robert G. Kaiser : Mrs. Tenet, a very nice lady

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<a href="http://www.rightsi... (Below threshold)

Click here for a special flash tribute to George Tenet.

Wasn't there a time when fo... (Below threshold)

Wasn't there a time when former political staffers would write long treatises on policy rather than tell-all books about their administrations?


You had to go and disappoin... (Below threshold)

You had to go and disappoint Anderson, didn't you?

He could always go down the... (Below threshold)

He could always go down the Madonna and Lynne Cheney route and write a children's book.

But would the CIA still hav... (Below threshold)

But would the CIA still have to clear it?

I've been a long time advoc... (Below threshold)

I've been a long time advocate for Tenet to have been fired. Given the mission and sense of urgency post 9-11, a bag of clams could have done his job, with less obfuscation or politicking.

I just hope Mineta is next, followed by Ridge, who has proven not up to the challenge.

Paulie at PaulieWorld.com

Hehe. Dissapoint me. Nah, t... (Below threshold)

Hehe. Dissapoint me. Nah, there have been enough books published this year to prove the incompetence of the current administration, one more would not have made a difference. It would have been interesting though to see what form of attack they would have used, had he ripped the administration.






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