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The Bill Clinton Legacy Rehabilitation Tour

First stop the rock star treatment he will surely receive surrounding the release of his memoirs this month.

(CBS/AP) - Former President Bill Clinton's memoir, "My Life," will settle some scores, starting with the "supine" press, according to a report in the June issue of Vanity Fair.

"He feels severely misinterpreted by the media," an unnamed friend told the magazine, and that his memoir is "an opportunity to set a lot of things straight."

Booksellers expect huge sales for "My Life," for which Mr. Clinton received a reported $10 million to $12 million advance. The book is due out in late June.

The book will include few mea culpas about Mr. Clinton's role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal or other matters, Vanity Fair said.

Next stop, the movie version of the Clinton's case for the existence of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
Little Rock (AP) - A film that claims to expose "the 10-year campaign to destroy Bill Clinton" is scheduled for its first public screening June 15 in Little Rock.

"The Hunting of the President," a 90-minute documentary that re-creates interviews for the New York Times best-selling book by the same name, has already played at four film festivals and will premiere by invitation only in New York on June 9. The movie has a June 11 release date.

Director Harry Thomason, who is from Hampton, Ark., profiled Clinton in a glowing light in "The Man from Hope" for the then-Arkansas governor's 1992 presidential campaign. He says the latest piece about his old friend seeks journalistic impartiality, acknowledging that some people would likely dismiss the film as more Clinton propaganda.

"Of course, the fact that I'm a friend of the Clinton's will make a lot of people skeptical, but it was never see this film get made or have us do it," Thomason said in a telephone interview from his Los Angeles home Tuesday.

"I knew we would have no validity if we didn't tell about some of the president's indiscretions, his lapses. And so we never intended to let him off the hook. We stuck to the facts."

The film purports to uncover a right-wing manipulation of the media, which Thomason says began with President Nixon's call to counter liberal messages in the 1970s. Thomason said the impact of Clinton's ties to Hollywood pales in comparison to the reach of conservative radio.

Next up is a full hour of Clinton on 60 Minutes II on June 20th. In it's 36 year history 60 Minutes has NEVER offered a full hour to anyone. The interviewer? Clinton favorite Dan Rather. Sounds rather like a one hour infomercial for the book. His next scheduled interview infomercial is not on NBC or ABC, but on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The Clinton media onslaught is sure to become part of the current presidential campaign. Newsweek's Howard Fineman discusses President Clinton's upcoming book in campaign terms: “Do we really want America to be America again when part of the America we are remembering is the one in which terrorists were gathering strength and acting with what amounted to impunity through the decade? If we want America to be America again, do we want to revive that part of America that contained Monica Lewinsky?”

Fineman points out, "In the next few months, it could be Clinton - and not the nominee [Kerry] - who will be Mr. Democrat.”

So let's recap - No mea culpas, heavy collateral coverage of shadowy forces out to get the Clintons, interviews with adoring journalists, and a victory lap tour that bigfoots the Kerry campaign...

It's positively Clintonian!

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60 Minutes will defend itse... (Below threshold)

60 Minutes will defend itself by saying it's a book that Viacom isn't publishing, even though that doesn't address the fact that Rather is fawning over Clinton in a shameful and lewd manner.

Shameful and Lewd? That is ... (Below threshold)

Shameful and Lewd? That is funny. How would you describe how the press has treated Mr. Bush?

It amuses me that there are... (Below threshold)

It amuses me that there are people who think rehabilitating Clinton is important enough to go to all this trouble.

Memo to Democrats: Clinton can't be President anymore, and Hillary won't be. Neither will Kerry. Y'all need to <ahem> MoveOn <ahem> and start grooming new leaders for the future -- if your party is to have one.

I say let Clinton run aroun... (Below threshold)

I say let Clinton run around try to retroactively create a legacy. It'll only make him look all the funnier in a few decades when historians "objectively" look back. With any luck he'll get booted, allowing some sane individuals to bring the Democrats back into the real world (if for no other reason than I'd be bored without at least some competition).

Put me down as not being in... (Below threshold)

Put me down as not being interested in that interview. I happened to catch Rather's last one with Clinton and it was positively sickening.

I don't think I'll go out for that stupid movie, either. Why on earth would he make that anyway? What a waste of money.

At first I thought that Bil... (Below threshold)

At first I thought that Bill would suck all the oxygen out of the Kerry campaign by upping the release date for his book. On further thought it could actually help Kerry out.

I read somewhere that Kerry does best when he isn’t in the public eye. If Bill is out there reviving the ‘glory days’ of a democrat president he draws attention away from Kerry without giving it to Bush. While he’s out there he does a bit of Bush-bashing by comparison. The Thomason film does what it can to convince us that nasty aftertaste left by the Clinton presidency was caused by the right-wing media. All this gives the media cover to avoid scrutinizing Kerry. The unavoidable flip flop pieces will be pushed to b37 by the IMPORTANT Clinton news. Kerry benefits by smiling in the background with his mouth shut.

does anyone know when bill ... (Below threshold)

does anyone know when bill clinton will be in NYC for a reading?






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