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The Press Defends "Fahrenheit 9/11"... Meekly

The first in a series of blind items on Michael Moore's new movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. Blind items are actual arguments made by professional journalists and paid pundits for the veracity of the movie.

... it's impressionistic, not literal.

...made in the Michael Moore style.

...plays to the paranoia gallery.

The contortions of logic required to defend or praise the film (even if only backhandedly) is damn hysterical to watch. Feel free to add your own blind items or send them to me.

Comments (9)

... it's impressionistic... (Below threshold)

... it's impressionistic, not literal.

It sucks, though it does not blow...

How about you see the movie... (Below threshold)

How about you see the movie first. I am sure then you will have a field day, but at least wait until it comes out, eh?

...made in the Michael M... (Below threshold)

...made in the Michael Moore style.

...if you've seen Bowling for Columbine, you've seen 'em all.

Ah yes...wait till it comes... (Below threshold)

Ah yes...wait till it comes out. You mean like everyone did for the Passion of the Christ?

Bill you miss the point ent... (Below threshold)

Bill you miss the point entirely. Those are not my reviews, they are actual quotes from TV and print reporters spinning the movie. What makes them blind items is that I don't identify the person. Catch up please...

"It sucks because Anderson ... (Below threshold)

"It sucks because Anderson hasn't seen it yet." ;-)

Why haven't they dipped int... (Below threshold)

Why haven't they dipped into "better than Battlefield Earth" yet?

"If you only see one movie ... (Below threshold)

"If you only see one movie this year and this is the one, well we can pretty much guess who you're voting for now can't we."

I think Moore is a nerd tha... (Below threshold)

I think Moore is a nerd that wants to make Bush look bad.






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