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The Secret Of The Bush Fundraising Machine Revealed

TIME columnist John F. Dickerson drops this tidbit in his campaign notebook:

What's the price for getting to shake hands with the President? Toiling away at the phone lines for an hour afterward, it seems. In exchange for a color-coded pass allowing access to positions along the rope line or choice seats for some Bush speeches, volunteers must agree to spend an hour after the event working the phones or knocking on doors to register voters and sign up Bush activists. Often there's no chance of escape: advance people design the speech area in such a way that the exit leads directly into the room with waiting phones
I think we've found the secret to the Bush fundraising machine - indentured servitude. I hear Kool-Aid is served too...

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Did you see the title of th... (Below threshold)

Did you see the title of the article? Gotta go rustle up some tat now. See ya.

As someone who has been rop... (Below threshold)

As someone who has been roped into these calls, I can safely say that this has nothing whatsoever to do with fundraising.

Our calls were from lists of supposed "hard republicans" in our area. Though in fact, the list contained a fair number of Democrats.

The script for the volunteer calls was short and simple. It went something like:

" Hi is _________ there? My name is (First name) and I'm a volunteer from ( Home County) calling on behalf of President Bush.

I'm calling today to ask if the President can count on your vote at election day. Can President Bush count on you?

If yes:

Would you like to volunteer for the President?
(Take down email address & info)

If no:

Thanks, have a nice day.


No fundraising was required Before being roped into the event or After. Fundraising isn't involved at all, just volunteering.

Oh yeah, you didn't have to stay and work the phones either though most people (maybe 60%) did. Others just left.

It was kind of fun.

Considering the current sta... (Below threshold)

Considering the current state of partisan division, Phil, I would have hated to call Democrats on that list. *grin*






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