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1 Million New Jobs in 3 Months

More good news for America means bad news for John Kerry. (Why is that always the case?)

Jobs Growth Unexpectedly Strong in May

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. employers added an unexpectedly large 248,000 jobs in May, according to a government report on Friday that confirmed a strengthening economy likely to soon bring higher interest rates.

The May tally exceeded Wall Street expectations for 216,000 new jobs and followed an upwardly revised total of 346,000 jobs in April and 353,000 in March. The 947,000 jobs created in the March-May period made it the strongest for any three months in four years. ...

Virtually every major sector of the economy added jobs in May, from retailing to construction industries. Particularly notable were 32,000 new hires in manufacturing -- a fourth straight monthly increase and the biggest for any month since August 1998 when 143,000 manufacturing jobs were created, the department said.

Nearly 1.2 million jobs have been added since the start of the year, adding fodder for a campaigning Bush to blunt Democratic criticisms fueled by the slow recovery from the 2001 recession.

Remember, Kerry says to vote according to how Bush is handling the jobs issue.

Comments (3)

Yeah, but..."Most ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but...

"Most job losses since Hoover....blah, blah, blah..."

I'll trade ya one "Most job... (Below threshold)

I'll trade ya one "Most job losses since Hoover" for a "Most tyrants toppled and most people freed since FDR"

Yeah , good jobs if you cou... (Below threshold)

Yeah , good jobs if you count working @ BURGER KING a good job.






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