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Beat Bill Bennett

In May 2003 we learned that former drug czar and self appointed moralist William Bennett had a bit of a gambling habit. Now, one year later, more explosive rumors are bubbling to the surface - namely that he regular employed a dominatrix.

Michael Kantor stitched together the various bits and pieces hinted at for the last year until he was able to identify the dominatrix that allegedly had Bennett as a client. The dominatrix in question has given others the exact same doublespeak, which could be why the story hasn't progressed.

The whole thing reminds me of the CSI episodes with the high class dominatrix madam...

Via: Wonkette


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Comments (2)

I cant believe I scooped bo... (Below threshold)

I cant believe I scooped both Wizbang and Wonkette on this one.

Yes indeedy, David. I was j... (Below threshold)

Yes indeedy, David. I was just reading about it in your blog last night.






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