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O.J.'s Reality Series (Juiced) Costars

Who is in O.J. Simpson's upcoming Punk'd clone show - Juiced? Here's one "actress" attached to the series.


I am willing to do artistic nude, pin-up style, fetish (shoe, foot, clothing NO BONDAGE FOR ME, though, thanks) projects, playboy and maxim type projects as well. I am not currently interested in hard core/ insertion/ or graphic spread shots. I am not interested in anything that is "porn" but am willing to do shoots with other female models in a soft erotic style, if done with good taste.
You can read the rest of her profile here [NSFW] ***. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and see more of her portfolio, if you know what I mean.

O.J. always liked blondes...

Update: It is possible that OJ has figured out a way to shield any income he might make from the series from the Goldman and Brown families. From The Observer:

'Something that Simpson told my dad, about a reality show called Juiced. Apparently he's already figured out a way so that none of the money from it can be touched. But he might lying. He likes to start these rumours...'

Coverage Elsewhere: Defamer

*** The acronym TFP is used often throughout her rambling profile. TFP stands for Time For Prints, an arrangement where models receive free prints/photos for self-promotion and photographer gets use of prints for self-promotion, which also promotes the model.


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Comments (11)

Shouldn't you say that he's... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't you say that he's taking a stab at a reality series?

Does OJ have final say on w... (Below threshold)

Does OJ have final say on who is in the show or not? In other words, does he get to decide who to cut?

You're right. Also if he s... (Below threshold)

You're right. Also if he scores big ratings he'll be slaying 'em...

This show will either make ... (Below threshold)

This show will either make a killing or be dead on arrival...

I feel dirty now.

Nice use of the past tense ... (Below threshold)

Nice use of the past tense of LIKE there, Kevin! She might do well to think aobut the fact that he likED another blonde.

Just a thought: the only wa... (Below threshold)

Just a thought: the only way this "show" could redeem itself, is if it's a trap for O.J. Sort of like Spike's "Joe Schmoe." If everyone else involved is secretly working to get O.J. to secretly confess, or do something that could finally get him thrown into jail, it could end up as the best series ever.

you might wanna put a "Not ... (Below threshold)

you might wanna put a "Not Safe For Work" warning on that there. I was your guinea pig.

Ever the aesthetic critic, ... (Below threshold)

Ever the aesthetic critic, I have to say that Lana should sue the plastic surgeon that installed those implants. Ugh!

"Professionals that have wo... (Below threshold)

"Professionals that have worked with me have paid me the highest compliment: I am easy to work with and low maintence!"

Who would have figured that a model can't spell?

Jeezus you guys are rough. ... (Below threshold)

Jeezus you guys are rough. She's a cute girl. May not be the brightest with this whole OJ crap but she's cute.

Brings out the twisted lyri... (Below threshold)

Brings out the twisted lyrics to "Athena" by The Who:

She's not a girl...SHE'S A WHORE!






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