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Our Intrepid Reporter On The Women Against Bush Scene

James Owens and a compatriot crashed the "Singles Against Bush" mixer last night to see what the liberal ladies were up to - and possibly to make a mixed politics hookup. A hungover James explains his feeble attempts at establishing a cool cover:

I wanted to dress so as to not draw attention to myself. So I decided on a nice little number that I like to call "I'm a color blind fashionless redneck" which consisted of cut-off camo shorts, a red muscle shirt and a pair of chucks. I was decked out and certain to not draw attention.

Turns out, everyone was in work attire, so I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb! Fuck! Who woulda thunk.

Downstairs - LOTS of hot chicks. Very impressive. Apparently, the Liberal Beaver Pinko Commie crowd is pretty hot. A did see a couple lasses going braless...excellent.

Within 10 minutes of us showing up, a girl comes up and says...."You guys are spies, aren't you." Damn....blown cover. "Uhm, no, why do you ask liberal commie tree-hugger?" Ooops. Meant to think that....not say it..

[Read the whole thing]

Outed quicker than Clay Aiken on American Idol...

Update: The alcohol must be wearing of, as James has managed to recall another smooth conversation.

Comments (5)

From reading his report, so... (Below threshold)

From reading his report, sounds like he has excellent social skills, bet he gets laid a lot. LMAO!

Kevin - thanks for the post... (Below threshold)

Kevin - thanks for the post! You have managed to bury me in traffic! Amazing! Thanks again....nice to think people actually read my schlep sometimes :)

Here's hoping James's wife ... (Below threshold)

Here's hoping James's wife isn't reading Wizbang. She trusts James implicitly (why, I can't imagine), but were she to get some hard evidence of David's suggestion...well, I'll just say that Lorena Bobbit's got nuthin' on her! ;)

Yeah that could be a proble... (Below threshold)

Yeah that could be a problem...

for the record,I wasn't try... (Below threshold)

for the record,I wasn't trying to hook up (Boyd's right...bad things would certainly happen), but thought the idea of punking these folks was kinda funny. My accomplice and I have a long trackrecord of crashing events that we shouldn't be at!






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