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Too Real Reality TV

Words barely describe the asininity of the following reality TV show idea as revealed in this Rueters article about O.J. Simpson's interview with Greta Van Susteren.

Asked by Van Susteren about reports of his involvement in an upcoming reality show, Simpson said, "it's a takeoff on something called 'Punk'd,"' an MTV hidden-camera show featuring Ashton Kutcher (news) pranks on celebrities. "It's me doing gags as Juice ... what they call 'juicing' people." Simpson earned the nickname Juice during his legendary career as a running back in the National Football League.

Ranking the chances the show will come to fruition on a scale of one to 10, Simpson said, "It's seven or eight, that it's gonna happen."
He's going to "juice" people? Like he "juiced" Ron and Nicole?

Someone is bound to freak out and pop a cap in him.

That I'd want to see...


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Comments (8)

A better concept would be "... (Below threshold)

A better concept would be "Where is OJ"?

Every week set OJ loose with $10,000, a disguise and a white Bronce, and see if he makes it to the border.

First off, congratulations ... (Below threshold)

First off, congratulations on being the first person in history to use the word 'asinine' in it's noun part of speech. Amazing.

Secondly, reality tv is no longer real. See Nitzche, 'Simulations and Simulacra'. But really, we already reached that point when 7 people in one house 'getting real' with eachother became 7 sluts in one Las Vegas Penthouse 'getting herpes' from each other. It's a truly bizarre phenomenon, but we are glued to it like the eyewitnesses to an accident on the freeway. The fact that an accused murderer (and I use the word accused loosely) may have his own TV show is one that boogles the mind.

Won't this take time away f... (Below threshold)

Won't this take time away from his 'looking for the real murders?'

I guess he's searched all the golf courses and come up empty.

But seriously, what network would put this murdering SOB on the air and expect sponsors?

I can't believe this guy!! ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe this guy!!
First, reality TV is for those with a deluded sense of what it real to start with. Didn't he actually convince himself that he didn't murder Nicole and Ron?
Second, who in the world would watch such drivel?
Lastly, isn't The Juice making enough money already by pimping himself out for interviews at 100m a pop on the 10 yr anniversary of the murder of his wife and friend? I would have thought that every liberal media outlet was standing in line for that chance and he would have a hefty little bankroll as a result.

Fox News this morning had a... (Below threshold)

Fox News this morning had a blurb on the interview with Greta, and divulged that O.J. blames Nicole for her own murder, saying she was "keeping bad company", and also says in reference to Kobe Bryant's case that "no sometimes doesn't mean no". I personally was a little disappointed in Fox News for giving him an audience for such drivel, but I know they need ratings too . . . and "imagined reality" TV is selling like hotcakes, apparently.

As to my take on "Reality TV", why should we really be surprised? Since Clinton's first bid (late nite appearances playing sax, etc.) we've been watching a 12-year run of the multi-network show "Who Wants To Be The President".

"Who Wants to Marry a Psych... (Below threshold)

"Who Wants to Marry a Psycho Wife-Killer?"

Contestants choose between O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake and Phil Spector.

The emcee would be an actor portraying King Henry VIII.

McGehee --- The really sad ... (Below threshold)

McGehee --- The really sad thing is that there are chicks.....*hot chicks*.... who would sign up for that chance, without a bat of their baby-Ciba-colorblends true-sapphire-blues.

Bo:Yeah..I just got ... (Below threshold)

Yeah..I just got finished reading the Fox story.
Truly disgusting!
How dare he make a mockery of all this. He sickens me beyond belief. I'm a fairly strong person and can stomach quote a bit but this?
I think I may hurl.






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