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Geographic Perversity In New England

Cow Hampshire has some interesting tricks on its roads. There’s an actual “Lois Lane” in Salem. One time back in the late 80’s, I found myself standing at the corner of Main Street and Main Street in Laconia (the street turned 270 degrees and crossed itself). And in Manchester, the three main streets are Elm Street (main strip of downtown), South Willow Street (most commercial strip), and Brown Avenue (most industrial, and goes to Manchester International Airport) – the real "Main Street" is a little bit off the beaten path that’s maybe 1/3 commercial, the rest residential.

But Massachusetts has us beat cold. Recently I was traveling along a highway in the lovely Bay State. The road is simultaneously Route 3 North and Interstate 95 South.

Naturally, while they are the same road, which is a good 15 miles or so, they are traveling pretty much due west.

Somebody buy the Massachusetts highway department a compass, please.


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While it's amusing when it ... (Below threshold)

While it's amusing when it happens (and it happens fairly often), this is just the nature of our wandering roads. Especially in mountainous regions or along rivers, large lakes, etc., roads have to go in wildly varying directions.

The example I'm most familiar with is an approximately eight mile stretch where I-81 and I-77 share the road in southwest Virginia. While the road is generally oriented east-west, while you're traveling down I-81 South, you're also on I-77 North, and vice versa.

I always get a little chuckle out of it.

Same thing here in WA state... (Below threshold)

Same thing here in WA state; we have several places where smaller, more rural roads do doubletime on names and directions.

Oh no, giving the Mass Hwy ... (Below threshold)

Oh no, giving the Mass Hwy Dept more money is like flushing it down the toilet. Mass Turnpike tolls were only supposed to exist long enough to pay for the initial construction of the highway, but just try traking that money away from Capitol Hill nowadays!

Hah! In Dallas you can tra... (Below threshold)

Hah! In Dallas you can travel South on East North-West Highway. Take that!






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