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Bush vs. Clinton - The Haters Weigh In

Oliver Willis notes that Bush hating is approaching Clinton hating, but he claims it's not quite there yet. Quoting Oliver, "I don't doubt that the hatred of Bush has reached absurd levels with a few members of the left, but before we reach Code Starr there are a few things Democratic leaders in congress have to do first," then he lists provides a list of unique charges against Clinton. I've reprinted the list below and added links to Bush haters satisfying his conditions.

  • Accuse him of smuggling drugs [Link]
  • Accuse him of rape [Link]
  • Accuse his wife of being a criminal [Link]
  • Call him a "scumbag" [Link]
  • Send a partisan prosecutor to investigate every moment of his life - Since the Independent Counsel Act was not renewed there are no more independent counsel investigations; I'll focus on calls for one [Link]
  • Throw his friends and associates in jail or threaten them - [Link]
  • Impeach him for having a sexual affair - Since Bush isn't diddling the interns I'll concentrate on the impeach part of the sentence [Link]
There you go. Expect to see any or all of those at the next Nancy Pelosi press conference.

Extra Bonus: Now the MoveOn.org slogan Bush=Hitler can safely be amended to Bush=Clinton=Hitler...


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Comments (9)

Oliver overplayed that hand... (Below threshold)

Oliver overplayed that hand dramatically.

The VRWC did not accuse Clinton of rape, a woman did. Gawd Knows the ink Anita Hill got because of the "seriousness of the charge."

The fact his wife is a criminal was not just a whacky accusation. She still can't explain how she did many of the things she did. (or where the billing record were)

Ken Starr was not a "partisan" until James Carville started that line of defense.. It is like the old lawyers saying, "When the facts are against you, argue the law. The law is against you, argue the facts. When the facts and the law are against you, attack the other lawyer." When Clinton lied under oath, both the facts and the law were against him.

And Oliver knows he was not impeached for a sexual affair. He lied to a court under oath.

And the most laughable is that members of the VRWC "threw his friends in jail" as if they did not commit crimes, we just jailed them because they had a 'D' behind their name.

More moonbat denial of reality from the left.

You are right on about this... (Below threshold)

You are right on about this. As a person who leans left, I think it best to stick to legitimate issues, rather that go off on conspiracy theories and what have you. From what I read of most of that, it is nonsense.

Okay, I understand he got s... (Below threshold)

Okay, I understand he got some legs from the PBS thing, but why does this snarky idjit continue to be treated as some sort of totem? I mean, jeez, just the Brittant BS should stomp him.

Why is it that everytime so... (Below threshold)

Why is it that everytime someone dissagrees or has a different point of view, they have to be an idiot. That kind of remark always serves to just lower the level of discourse. I respect Oliver tremendously for what he has accomplished. I dont always agree with him, though we share the same political viewpoint, but I have never seen him INSULT someone to make a point. I admire Kevin for his balanced presentation of the conservative viewpoint. He has even taught me a thing or two, and made Wizbang a regular stop for me. But then again, I have never, with exception of a few prominent republican windbags, considered anyone on the right to be an idiot... Well one Big exception, but I wont get into that in this post. To me, one of the greatest living American Politicians is the Honorable John McCain, who is probably one of the only Republicans in RECENT years, I would have voted for. But there are many I respect. I can take an oposite position without making it a personal attack on you, and to be honest it is one the reasons that the conservative right could never really appeal to me. I KNOW I am not always right, and am always willing to listen respectfully to other points of view. But it is a huge turnoff when people just go into attack mode/personal attack mode, becuase they dont agree. I NEVER saw Ronald Reagan do that, and that is why I mourne him with the rest of you, becuase he was in my opinion an honorable man. I believe that if he saw some of the things that go on now in the name of conservatism, he would say.... "Sir, have you no shame."

To me, one of the greate... (Below threshold)

To me, one of the greatest living American Politicians is the Honorable John McCain

Hmmm I looked up the definition of "Honorable" in the dictionary and it did not say "shameless camera hog" anywhere.

Maybe you have a different version.

No Problem Paul, I see you ... (Below threshold)

No Problem Paul, I see you as the kind of person who would say the same thing about Jesus becuase there are so many paintings of him. But then again, Jesus was pretty Liberal wasnt he....

David If you don't... (Below threshold)


If you don't like the word idiot, don't make people use it so often.

You're being a jackass.


Well Paul, it appears that ... (Below threshold)

Well Paul, it appears that you're deliberately ignoring the fact that a common honorific for a U.S. Senator (indeed, any public official) is "Honorable."

I realize you wanted to express your feelings about McCain, but it doesn't seem fair or appropriate for you to start a pissing contest with David over something he wrote that's entirely appropriate.

Just MHO.

Thank you Boyd. But dont wo... (Below threshold)

Thank you Boyd. But dont worry, one of the things my Mama taught me was not to go into someone else's house and piss on the floor. I believe that the arguments most heard and respected above the din are those that are made with logic. Therefore I have no intention of getting into a flame war with Paul or anyone else for that matter. He has every right to think I am an idiot, I on the other hand am blessed that his opinion has zero impact on my life, or the opinion of those who trully know me.






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