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There’s a reason they’re called “stereotypes,” son…

This morning, before breakfast, I realized I was nearly out of milk. I schlepped down to the neighborhood sCumberland Farms (it’s a skosh over a block away) and grabbed a gallon, then got in line to pay – there was one guy ahead of me.

He was an older guy, maybe mid-40’s, with a craggy face and graying hair. He was buying what looked like a 32-ounce bottle of malt liquor.

The clerk behind the counter, while he could obviously tell the guy was of age, was sticking to the posted policy of “we card everyone.”

“Do you have an ID?”

The guy just smiled. “Sorry. Speak English very little.”

(More slowly) “When – were – you – born?”

More smiling and shaking of head. “No unnerstand.”

“What – is – your –age?”

Smiling still “No unnerstand.”

Finally the clerk, in frustration, took the guy’s money (paid in quarters) and sold him his booze. He took it and left.

Here’s a guy who can’t even speak enough English to understand a request for his ID, buying booze at seven on a Sunday morning.

And I thought I was screwed up…


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He was an older g... (Below threshold)

He was an older guy, maybe mid-40's...

Ahem. Mid-40s is still young, I'll have you know.

Damn whippersnappers...

Do you think he's screwed u... (Below threshold)

Do you think he's screwed up because he can't speak English, because he's old, or because he was buying alcohol very early on a Sunday?

And he paid with quarters!<... (Below threshold)

And he paid with quarters!

And I also resent that older guy crack! Damm youngin's no respect any more!

Sharleen: D), all of the ab... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Sharleen: D), all of the above.

Body, Marc: "Older" as in "Older than me." Guy probably had at about 10 years on me, and I feel plenty old (regardless of the calendar).


You'll always be a whippers... (Below threshold)

You'll always be a whippersnapper to me, Jay.

Nice catch Boyd, I was thin... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Nice catch Boyd, I was thinking how I would respond before I even finished reading the post. I'm mid forty's and I just finished beating my 14 year old daughter (my youngest) at Tennis, not that I'm any good, and she's just starting.

I always tell her that old age and treachery overcome youth and skill.

I think you are being to ha... (Below threshold)

I think you are being to hard on the guy... Usually by the time I'm buying booze with with quarters at 7 in the morning, my English ain't too good neither.

Funny, all I can think of i... (Below threshold)

Funny, all I can think of is that I haven't bought a quart at 7 in the morning with a bunch of quarters since college...and I had to stand in line because the late shift from the candy factory was letting out. Quite a few of them didn't speak English very well either as I recall.






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