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Shadow Government

Taegan Goddard notes that A Pretext for War by James Bamford includes an interesting revalation - the secret location were VP Cheney and other government members went in the days after 9/11. I'm sure it's where they keep the black helicopters, aliens, and other X-Files material.

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Actually, that guy may be m... (Below threshold)

Actually, that guy may be misinformed about the secret bunker from the insider info I was told.

I wouldn't be surprised if ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't be surprised if he were misinformed, Jen. I have personal knowledge that some of the "facts" he has presented in earlier books were wrong.

There's no doubt that that ... (Below threshold)

There's no doubt that that particular bunker exists, I just don't think that was the one where Cheney was located. I don't want to breach security, but I have a friend whose husband ended up as part of Cheney's security detail on 9/11 and for several weeks after - that's not where they were.






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