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Bugout Alert

Time to get out of town!!!

Starting this afternoon DC and Northern Virginia will resemble a scene out of a Hollywood disaster movie. Everyone is going to start fleeing the area and it's just going to get worse as the day progresses.

In a story sure to be covered extensively on the evening news this evening, people have begun lining up outside the Capital - on the hottest day of the year- 15 hours in advance. See Mourners Begin Lining Up To See Reagan's Casket.

James Joyner (who presumably will be bugging out any moment too) has information on how the threat of terrorism is being addressed.

Time to start heading home...

Update: If any DC bloggers are interested in a Thursday night meetup and visitation to the Rotunda let me know. I'm thinking of paying my respects late Thursday night.

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Sounds like the grumblings ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like the grumblings from people in Boston and New York City over the disaster areas their cities will become when the political conventionscome to town.

Pretty soon, cities will be trying to sell these zero-profit conventions and gatherings on holding them in OTHER cities to keep from being stuck with the hassle and expense.

This kind of thing is actua... (Below threshold)

This kind of thing is actually pretty commonplace in DC given the number of protests and other events we get by being the national capital city. The difference here is the security required for all of the heads of state and dignitaries that will be in attendance and that major thoroughfares will be shut down completely in the middle of the evening rush hour. Usually these kinds of things are on the weekend and don't affect traffic like this.

I'm stuck at my office all day and hoping that by the time I leave traffic will be more normal since I'm in NoVa anyway.






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