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Move Over Paris...

Croatian pop star Severina Vuckovic is hoping you can help her find some lost personal property.

Severina Vuckovic
ZAGREB, Croatia (Reuters) - A top Croatian pop star has appealed to the public to return or destroy private pictures of her enjoying a lusty sex romp which appeared on the Internet this week.

Severina Vuckovic told the daily Jutarnji List Wednesday the pictures and an 11-minute video of her making love to an unidentified dark-haired man had been stolen from her private collection.

They showed up on an Internet site Tuesday and immediately became the hottest news in the former Yugoslav republic, where 32-year-old Vuckovic had previously been an icon of righteous and religious modesty.

It's been found alright (mildly not safe for work picture below - no naughty bits)...

That sure looks like former tennis bad boy Ilie Nastase.

Via Fleshbot


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Comments (9)

Will you get a load of the ... (Below threshold)

Will you get a load of the Jimmy Durante on that guy? My word.

11-minute video, huh? Not m... (Below threshold)

11-minute video, huh? Not much of long and intensive hot number, wouldn't you agree? Or was it cut to delete the boring stuff like a real porn?
Anyway: how can you not have learned that you multiplicate the interest in some stuff like this thousandfold when you aks people publicly to disregard it. Only thing more stupid is to sue someone.....

Nice body, though. I might just turn into righteous and religious modesty modesty myself ;-)

Oh, yeah, i would definitel... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah, i would definitely "destroy" this video if I had it. In fact, please send it to me for proper disposal.

Holy schneike! Now I find ... (Below threshold)

Holy schneike! Now I find out NSFW=Not Safe For Work!!!!

Not like, um, I would know ... (Below threshold)

Not like, um, I would know directly or anything, but, um, I hear (ya! that's the ticket!) that it's pretty damned good as far as homemade porn goes.

This girl has nothing to be... (Below threshold)

This girl has nothing to be embarassed about. Yowza.

Those who live in glass hou... (Below threshold)

Those who live in glass houses should not videotape themselves having sex

So Kev--They giving you $ f... (Below threshold)

So Kev--They giving you $ for all the clicks your generating?

I have a link to the only f... (Below threshold)

I have a link to the only free version of the video available on the web...






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