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Olsen Twins Countdown

I'm not exactly sure what previously undiscovered information people expect to find, but Sunday is sure to be a Googleriffic day for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Sunday June 13 the twins, you may remember from Full House or an endless string of direct to video films, turn 18. Hundreds of web sites are tracking the days, hours, and minutes until the magic event. Jaboobie is on the case and this minimalist site is the top result for the Olsen Countdown search.

What's the fascination with the Olsen twins? Beats me, but Libby Copeland from the Washington Post attempts to explain the continuing fascination with the teen queens and future billionaires.

To their credit Mary Kate and Ashley have not followed the expected trajectory of child star self destruction and they appear to have a sense of humor about the whole Olsen Countdown thing. Appearing recently on Saturday Night Live, at the end of the show Mary-Kate shouted, "Remember, we're legal in four weeks!"


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Comments (16)

What's the fascina... (Below threshold)
What's the fascination with the Olsen twins? Beats me

Yeah, me too, especially since there's so much quality jailbait walking around these days. Lindsay Lohan, anyone? Hello?

If you ask me, The Olsens <... (Below threshold)

If you ask me, The Olsens aren't really all that good looking.

Lindsey Lohan indeed.

I think the facination is i... (Below threshold)

I think the facination is in the twins part. LOL! Sick Bastards.

Feh. What's the big deal? T... (Below threshold)

Feh. What's the big deal? They've been legal in Georgia for almost two years.

And as we bid farewell to t... (Below threshold)

And as we bid farewell to the Olsen Twins countdown ... we welcome the Lohan countdown.

One thing about Lohan: She'... (Below threshold)

One thing about Lohan: She's gotta dial it down with that tan. You can tell from pictures of her as a kid that she's got the Pippi Longstocking freckles going on and she probably has a complex about it so she's trying to tan them out of existence. With bad results. She keeps taking sun like that and in twenty years she's going to look like the Cryptkeeper.

What I don't understand is ... (Below threshold)

What I don't understand is what it is that all these people are counting down *to*.

Wasn't it legal to have sex with both of these girls (or each of them separately :) ) nearly 2 years ago now?

I can't understand the obsession with counting down the date until it becomes legal to merely marry someone (or two someones).

IF YOU ASK ME, THIS TIME <b... (Below threshold)


I liked Lohan better with f... (Below threshold)

I liked Lohan better with freckles and no boobs.

The Olsens look like a dual version of The Crypt Keeper. Aheheheheheheheh!

I think the facination i... (Below threshold)

I think the facination is in the twins part.


<looks around guiltily>


Feh, the whole thing was mo... (Below threshold)

Feh, the whole thing was more fun when they werew 13. Now that got some hate mail.

What's the big deal about b... (Below threshold)

What's the big deal about being legal? Like any of you clowns wouldn't have said "OK" if they had asked you for a threesome when they were 17? There is no way in hell those 2 would want it to go public that they are SUPER FREAKS. They are making way too much money for that.

jomamma, you are completely... (Below threshold)

jomamma, you are completely right. No one would have said "no" to them if they asked. The question is: Is a night with them worth years in jail...? Hell yes!

Celebrating the legality of... (Below threshold)

Celebrating the legality of it all:

Quick question. Have any of... (Below threshold)

Quick question. Have any of you people thought about the odds of ever meeting, let alone having sex with the Olsen twins? Besides that, in my opinion, Lindsay Lohan is much more hot. How many people agree?

I've been a HUGE fan of Mar... (Below threshold)

I've been a HUGE fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley since I was a little girl and if you ask me, it seems as if they're growing up so quickly. Yes, they do have WAY different looks now since they were young, but I won't say their ugly or look like zombies. And Lidsay Lohan is OK She acts as if she's tryna be someone else and not herself. The Olsen's look BETTER.!!!!






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