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One State Funeral Is Enough

Former president George Bush is tempting fate...

HOUSTON (AP) - Former President Bush is planning to go ahead with an 80th birthday parachute jump this weekend following the week of mourning for former President Reagan.

Bush and his wife, Barbara, will attend Friday's Reagan memorial service at the National Cathedral in Washington, then immediately return to Houston for a birthday party Saturday in Houston and the Sunday parachute jump over College Station, said Jim McGrath, spokesman for the organizing committee, [email protected] The group's name is for the 41st president at 80 years old.

Bush, a Navy pilot who bailed out from a damaged plane during World War II, also made a parachute jump on his 75th birthday.

Hopefully everyone won't be journeying back to Washington DC again next week...

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Well, I say GOOD for George... (Below threshold)

Well, I say GOOD for George! It's pretty rare to even hear about an 80-year old skydiving, much less our former President. I think it's an awesome idea.

Admittedly, it's dangerous and some would say ill-timed given the recent passing of President Reagan, but if it's that important to George Sr., right on.

Now, the article mentioned that it's not a tandom jump, but rather he's doing it solo... not sure if THAT'S the best idea in the world. I think I'll start worrying when he's 85 and wants to do it again.


Huh... I thought he went ju... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Huh... I thought he went jumping a little while ago (on his 75th birthday, I think) and he said that Barbara said she'd kill him if he did that again.

If he's trying to set up another state funeral, maybe he should hold off until we finish this one. And perhaps closer to the election...

If the election ends up to who can generate the most dead ex-presidents, the Democrats are in trouble -- they'll lose 3-2.

On the other hand, of the survivors still kicking around, they have the still-inexplicably-popular Bill Clinton and the about-to-be-beatified Jimmy Carter, while the Republicans have already shot their biggest gun. All they got left are Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush -- although the latter has the "sympathy for the current president" factor.


Second Hand Lions... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Second Hand Lions

John Glenn goes to space, T... (Below threshold)

John Glenn goes to space, Tony Randall fathers a child at 77, and George H.W. Bush skydives.

I tip my hat to geezers everywhere!

I share the sentiment that ... (Below threshold)

I share the sentiment that it is awesome. He is the only George Bush I have ever liked. The old man has been somewhat shortchanged by History, but I remember HIM as the compasionate conservative.






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