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The Worlds Stupidest Pitcher

I'm in a very AL East kind of mood these days with my suddenly respectable San Diego Padres on a interleague sweep through the East Coast. That means poking sticks in the eyes of Allah (Red Sox) and Michele (Yankees). Since Pedro didn't give up 35 runs last night this first one goes out to Michele...

From the L.A. Daily News :

Former first-round draft pick Matt Harrington's annual draft free fall continued Tuesday as the Palmdale High product was selected in the 36th round by the New York Yankees, making him the 1,089th pick overall.

The Colorado Rockies selected Harrington seventh overall in 2000, but the right-hander turned down an offer of about $4 million. He was taken in the second round, 58th overall, by the San Diego Padres the following year. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays took Harrington in the 13th round in 2002, and the Cincinnati Reds picked him in the 24th round last year.

MLB.com notes that his velocity is nowhere near the mid-90s, as it was when the Rockies drafted him.

So why is he the worlds stupidest pitcher? Over the years he's turned down contracts with signing bonuses totaling over $5 million dollars. This year as a 36th round pick he stands to pocket a signing bonus of around $5,000.

Comments (3)

Well, in his defense(?), it... (Below threshold)

Well, in his defense(?), it looks like he was a stupid jock with an even stupider agent.

Kevin: This is actually a r... (Below threshold)

Kevin: This is actually a really sad story, as recounted not-too-clearly here.

It seems to me that you have an a-hole of a greedy agent who has ruined the financial hopes of a dumb jock from a poor and naive family.

On a related note, I threw ... (Below threshold)

On a related note, I threw harder in college than does Hideo Nomo now. And I'm convinced that if you paid me $16 million a year, I could easily match Shawn Green's robust .235 average...






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