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Advice For Britney

Pop princess down! Alert the media!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pop princess Britney Spears underwent arthroscopic knee surgery in New York on Wednesday after injuring herself during a late-night video shoot, according to her record label.

Spears, 22, had just completed a scene with rap star Snoop Dogg for a video of her latest single, "Outrageous," and was doing choreography under the L Train line on Roosevelt Avenue in Manhattan when her left knee gave out, Jive Records said in a statement.
"She obviously took a wrong step and blew out her knee," a spokeswoman said. "It was an old dance injury."
I know a thing or two about knee surgery (ACL reconstruction on both knees) so I'll give Britney Spears one piece of advice for recovery - you've got to cut back on the food intake in proportion to the decline in your physical activity. When an active person is suddenly unable to exercise due to injury the body keeps on asking for food at the levels required to power the active lifestyle.

In short - lay off the carbs.

Update: Stereogum has pictures of the fall and the video shoot.


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Comments (3)

That's why I never strive t... (Below threshold)

That's why I never strive to have an active lifestyle. An injury isn't going to force me to be any more sedentary than I already am.

Call it 'forward looking'

*mumbles something bout see... (Below threshold)

*mumbles something bout seeing "knees" "blowing" and "Britney" in the same post*

I had two surgeries on my k... (Below threshold)

I had two surgeries on my knees, (Football injuries, not pleasant. On another note though, snoop seemed to be having a helluva time. Wonder when Oliver is going to Post something about this... If he already hasnt.






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