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Commemorate Your Visit To The Rotunda

If you are planning on visiting the Capital Rotunda today there is a way to commemorate your visit.

C-SPAN is showing uninterupted coverage of the tens of thousands of visitors who are passing by the casket of Ronald Reagan, paying tribute to the nation's 40th president as he lies in state in the Capitol Rotunda. As of Thursday morning the wait is 3-4 hours to make it through the line and into the Rotunda.

If you've got a TiVo you can set it to record a a six hour block of coverage before you leave, and chances are you'll have a few seconds of video commemorating your visit to pay your respects. Transfer the TiVo recording off to VHS then you should be able to (assuming you have the equipment) load the video onto a PC and sample just the few minutes you want to save. If you are leaving a family member at home you could call them right before you enter and get them to start recording on either TiVo or a VHS.

The C-SPAN cameras tend to focus in on families and uniformed military saluting, so keep an eye out for them when you're in line. You may want to get in line directly after them, and it will help later in identifying the right part of the recording to recognize some of the people nearby in line. Check your watch before you enter the big room and use that mark to search through the TiVo time-line.

Who knows, it could make a pretty cool keep sake - especially if you take your kids.


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Comments (5)

Just what we need...more se... (Below threshold)

Just what we need...more self absorbed people looking for their 10 minutes of fame. This time using Ronnie's death as a means.

Brilliant idea kevin. Now just wait for some jerk to walk up and whip out his Kerry '04 sign for the cameras.

While I'm not quite as outr... (Below threshold)

While I'm not quite as outraged as Rusty, I gotta say that I think it's pretty creepy to try to get on TV at Reagan's funeral.

It's CSPAN, it's not like a... (Below threshold)

It's CSPAN, it's not like anyone is watching - so I doubt anyone is going to be grandstanding.

I was thinking more along the lines of a memento for your kids years later when they ask about Reagan. Think about it, if you were at Kennedy's would you hang on to a picture of video of that?

By the way, chances are you won't get on except in a shot from way above. From the skycam it is pretty hard to make out anybody except by what they are wearing.

Not questioning your motive... (Below threshold)

Not questioning your motives Kevin. But the law of unintended consequences and all that....

Just imagine if you were th... (Below threshold)

Just imagine if you were there when President Bush came in.






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