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Stone The Hooligans

England's legendary soccer hooligans may have meet their match... From The Sun:

England fans will be allowed to smoke dope before Sunday's crunch clash with France - to keep them calm. Cops in Lisbon plan to crack down on drunk supporters while turning a blind eye to those spotted puffing on a spliff.

Pot-smoking fans have been assured they will not be arrested, cautioned - or even have their drugs confiscated. Last night experts said the Portuguese police "Here We Blow" policy would reduce chances of a punch-up between rival fans.

Alan Buffry of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance said: "If people are drinking they lose control, if they smoke cannabis they don't. Alcohol makes fans fight. But cannabis smokers will be shaking hands and singing along together."

Dutch police used a similar policy in Euro 2000 and Englandís hooligan element were too stoned to fight.

Stadium food vendors must be giddy with excitement over the prospects of increased sales...


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Comments (5)

Perhaps I should re-think m... (Below threshold)

Perhaps I should re-think my aversion to Soccer---it may have some redeeming qualities after all!

Soccer would do better if t... (Below threshold)

Soccer would do better if they required spectators to be stoned. At home as well as in the stadium.

That would indeed be a typi... (Below threshold)

That would indeed be a typical European regulation!

for that dope policy alone ... (Below threshold)

for that dope policy alone i would become a die hard soccer fan. ;-)

Take me out to the ball gam... (Below threshold)
billy bong:

Take me out to the ball game...

... I don't care if I never come back!






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