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Al-Jazeera Airs American's Execution

According to ABC News Online, Qatar's Al-Jazeera television station has aired video footage of what it says is the murder of US national Robert Jacob in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, by suspected Al Qaeda killers.

More information on the video is available from The Australian

A videotape posted today on a website attributed to al-Qaeda shows what it claims to be the murder of US national Robert Jacob in the Saudi capital by members of its terror network.

Chanting glorifying Jihad, or holy war, is heard in the background on the tape as two men are seen chasing a Western-dressed man who screams: "Wait, wait! No, no!"

Seconds later about 10 gunshots ring out as the man falls to the ground.

The tape, seen on the website http://members.lycos.co.uk/markazilam/markaz.htm, then shows the two men rush to the body. One appears to be slitting the victim's throat.

The two assailants, who are also dressed in Western clothes, are only ever shown from the shoulder down.

The Religion Of Peace strikes again.

Update: Some hard line clerics are saying "enough".

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Six Saudi clerics once affiliated with Islamic militants, including two praised by Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, condemned a wave of attacks against westerners in the kingdom, describing the perpetrators as "a deviant group."

Update 2: Predictably the original site is down. Via Ron Davis we learn that Information Clearinghouse has the full Real Media video file.


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Comments (24)

I read a piece at my sister... (Below threshold)

I read a piece at my sisters website yesterday how Muslims are so peaceful and nice and how she knows because she dated one for a year.

She complains that I have such extreme views because I would turn the middle east into a glass factory.

Could you please go over to her house and slap her hard for me.


Yet another bit of evidence... (Below threshold)

Yet another bit of evidence that will not be shown on television for fear of upsetting people with the facts. Also, it might get interupt detailed coverage of people with underwear on their heads.

You'll also notice that the... (Below threshold)

You'll also notice that the second killer is reaching into the victim's pocket, robbing him after he kills him. Nice touch.

Guys I agree that this is t... (Below threshold)

Guys I agree that this is totally barbaric, and just a continuation of the same old shit from these murdering scum. But it is not representative of all of Islam, any more than the KKK or The Order is a representation of Christianity.

No, of course it's not repr... (Below threshold)

No, of course it's not representative of all Islam, though moderate Muslims tolerate activity like this over Christianity or secularism. If the moderates would denounce it, perhaps there would be fewer extremists.

Instead, they put it on the television.

I completely agree Michael.... (Below threshold)

I completely agree Michael. But I believe Moderate muslims have denounced it, time and time again. Listen, five of my best friends are Muslim, two Pakistanis, a Jordanian, and two Palestenians. They are devout muslims, and for years I have celebarated the last day of Ramadan with them by fasting. They are some of the most beautiful, peace loving people I know. I have been blessed with the opportunity to discuss Islam with them a number of times in detail, and have learned much about the religion. I also took the time to watch all (nearly) four hours of the movie THE PROPHET. What we see with these people (The terrorist) is a hijacking of the religion. This hijacking is made easier by what is seen in the Muslim world as the uneven and unjust treatment Arabs and especially Palestinians recieve from the U.S. in the Middle East Peace Process. GW's almost non existent involvment in the Peace process has helped this along and helped to create hatred and contempt in the Muslim world. This does not justify the slaughter of innocents, but as you see in the video, these people are doing a great job of linking these murders to percieved injustices in the Arab world. It is a complicated issue, and one I certainly dont have the answers to, but I dont get paid to have those answers. As I see it, the only solution to this is to stop talking about "schools," in Iraq and start a meaningful and sincere discussion in the region with moderate leaders like the King of Jordan and to take some action in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Our egagement in the Middle East is too focussed on Israel and American Oil interest and not enough on showing the people there that we are interested in a balanced peace.
I am all for the support of the State of Israel, but not for writing a blank morality check, and encouraging them, or allowing them to commit atrocities in the name of security. How can we have a meaningful debate about the rule of International Law, and torture, when we know that this kind of torture goes on all the time in the Occupied territories.
I have always defended STRONGLY Israel's right to defend herself. But I dont believe Bulldozing the homes of women and children, while carting their men off to prison is the way to defend herself. Take a suspected terrorist to jail, by all means, then give them due process. But do not punish their wife and children...
Complicated issue yes, but one that will not be solved by rhetoric...

What does everyone think of... (Below threshold)

What does everyone think of the production style, with the injured/dead child and apparent Western (American?) military brutality photos? My guess is that they toned down the graphic violence and included those photos primarily for Western audiences in an attempt to hold off some of the outrage the Berg video received.

David, one thing you should... (Below threshold)

David, one thing you should realize is that this is not a "George Bush" issue. I think Clinton took a less hands-on approach than the current administration.

If you ask me, the there are two primary issues here: (1) desire for power, and (2) long-lived distrust of Christian crusaders. The second issue I can understand, but the first issue is just hijacking a cause to bring yourself to power. These terrorists are fighting the spread of democracy because it threatens their power base, and the freedoms of democracy as they see it would do things like giving power to women.

This isn't a Republican/Democrat thing.

This is *not* a "holding so... (Below threshold)

This is *not* a "holding something ( vague) against the West" thing. This very month Buddists and Animists are being killed or have been killed by Muslim extremeists in Africa and Indonesia. This myth of "fighting the West" is their best gimmick, bought by many who should know better. They fight against "the Other", whoever they may be and often they are Muslims who are not sufficiently fervent.

As for the great majority of moderate Muslims, I wish to God that I would see them *active.* When the child molesting priests scandal broke most of the pickets outside the Catholic Church's headquarters in Chicago were *Catholic*. They even donated money and sent a delegation of their own to Rome. In my own Church, if there is someone who believes a Doctrine so far from our Articles of Faith as extremist Muslims are supposed to be to "mainstream" Islam, THEY ARE THROWN OUT AND ASKED NOT TO RETURN. The entire community turns their back to them - they have no power. [This is only for the most vile conduct that any normal person would want to dissasociate himself from, like say suicide bombing). Ordinary sinners like me are welcome!]

Moderate Muslims are reacti... (Below threshold)

Moderate Muslims are reacting by teaching people about Islam and thereby distancing themselves from the acts of extremists. Their response is to explain their lifestyle, their beliefs, and their conception of the Prophet (PBUH). If you respond to them with, "I don't believe you! Look at what the Muslims did in [insert X incident perpetrated by extremists]. Why aren't you speaking out?" there's not much else they have to say to you.

My sense is that people don't see educating others about moderate Islam as "speaking out" because they expect condemnation of radical Islam rather than an offer to be educated about a more peaceful Islam. While Muslims try to educate others about their beliefs in order to resist being homogenized by non-Muslims who lump them into the same category as terrorists, there are non-Muslims who refuse to consider this offer to learn more about Islam. They want to claim they know everything about the Big Bad Wolf, and they want the followers of the Big Bad Wolf to admit it. What is being occluded in the process is how a greater knowledge about and affirmation of moderate Islam can bring unity and strength to moderate communities, overturning the power of extremists.

Sharleen good to see you po... (Below threshold)

Sharleen good to see you post on this. I was going to send you an email this morning and mention the thread as I thought you might be better qualified to answer it than I. I am not dissapointed in your response. It appears that some would rather not address the broader issues in play here, choosing easier path of generalizations.
While I am Christian by faith, I tend to share the philosophy of true Muslims in respecting ALL people of the Book.While this issue has been made an us against them issue by many, few things are so simple.
I would ask my conservative bretheren how many Southern Baptist have been expected to condemn the actions of the KKK, Christian Identity, The Order, etc. All who claim to be conservative Christians. As a Southern Baptist myself, I realize the ridiculousness of that expectation.
Thanks for responding and congradulations on your MBA.

Hello. I am sorry to tell y... (Below threshold)

Hello. I am sorry to tell you that you're sight has been infested by my stalker. If you do a google search for "jheka" you will see many examples of this particular schmuck posting as "Jheka" on various sights and me clarafying that it is my stalker/troll rather than me posting. The creature in question is a pathetic anti-Semite who goes around to what it thinks are right-wing and pro-Israel sights and posts various offensive dribble in my name. It appears that it is using an AOL account from Northern Virginia. Anyway, please delete any posts that it may have made as either "Jheka" (my internet monicker) or "Eugene Belitsky" (my real
name) and ban the critter if you are able to do so. Once agin, I am sorry that it has infected your sight with it's bizarro smear campaign.

Eugene V. Belitsky
aka jheka
aka blitz

Sharleen and David, I think... (Below threshold)

Sharleen and David, I think you're focusing on the wrong point. When these horrible acts of terrorism are committed by Islamic extremists, we don't see or hear condemnation from these moderate Muslims you describe. Where are the Islamic leaders, speaking out to the world to say that these animals don't represent Islam? Where are the quiet but determined demonstrations by Muslims in support of the victims?

All we hear from the Islamic leadership is silence, or at best a muted response. We see Muslims dancing in the streets, firing guns in the air, rejoicing that their enemy took a blow from their terrorist brethren in Islam.

If "moderate Muslims" don't want to get lumped into the same bucket with the terrorists, then they need to take action to distance themselves. We see Muslims siding with the terrorists. Where are the Muslims trying to educate us that the terrorists' actions are a corruption of Islam?

I confess to not having rea... (Below threshold)

I confess to not having read the Koran thoroughly, and I'm certainly not an expert on the Islamic faith . . . so my statements stem from limited understanding, and I welcome correction.

I feel that the dilemma facing truly peaceful Muslims is that their faith teaches intolerance of "infidels". Most Muslims, I believe, interpret this to mean that the customs of those nonbelievers are not to enter into their own lifestyles and beliefs. The radicals, however, believe that in the name of Allah, all "infidels" should be put to death for their sins against Allah. The mainstream Muslims, who don't condone violence against anyone, are forced to walk a fine line between condemning these radicals and denouncing a tenet of their own beliefs, and becoming labeled "infidels" as a result.

That said, let me state that I don't necessarily buy into the statement that Islam is a peaceful religion, but rather that most of its followers are peaceful people. Islam DOES teach intolerence of infidels, and leaves much room for interpretation as to how that tenet is to be followed.

And a note to David---When I was a Southern Baptist, I came up with the statement: "It's not that I don't believe in organized religion---I've just never seen it!" The lack of leadership in the SBC is, in my opinion, largely responsible for the distorted view of Christianity held by many Americans. I hope every day for a turnaround in that denomination towards its foundational doctrines, and I truly admire you for "sticking it out" in spite of some of the issues you mention in your post.

Thanks Bo, I admire your ev... (Below threshold)

Thanks Bo, I admire your even handedness in the way you respond to post. I still think everyone needs to read more about what Islam truly stands for. I think if we did, there would be more of an understanding and MORE of an opportunity to work with moderate muslims to address the issues. There is one area I disagree with you though... ALL religion teaches that there's is the only way. To paraphrase my religion, None may find the Kingdom of God but through Christ. Something like that. LOL! I dont have time to look up the particular scripture.

Actually, David, I was goin... (Below threshold)

Actually, David, I was going to address that point, but I hate to get overly "wordy" trying to do a "scatter-gun" post.

My statement was to the effect that as a Christian, we believe that those who don't follow Christ are condemned by their unbelief. We don't, however, condone their extermination or even their societal ostracization, but rather we hope and work for their conversion. Still, because we openly state that other religions are wrong, we are deemed the "intolerant" religion. I've said before that to claim to ascribe to one religion and accept other beliefs as "equally valid" is to make one's own belief half-hearted (at best) or blatantly hypocritical. Another point is that Islam generally (I believe) accepts the Old Testament, which gives a very open picture of a Holy and Just God, but without the Grace of God that's displayed in the New Testament. With only half the Bible, one could legitimately support the actions of these radical Muslims quite easily. Where most 20th century Christian teaching fails is by only taking the other half of the Bible, teaching neo-universalism by only focusing on grace, love, and forgiveness. The result isn't unlike the fable about the blind men and the elephant--all were right, yet all were wrong.

Yesterday, June 13th... (Below threshold)

Yesterday, June 13th the savages that murder in the name of God, released a 5mb music video of American Robert Jacobís execution on a website by Al-Qaeda. You can see the video here http://libertyunites.tv/modules.php?name=Downloads All 3 Al-Qaeda execution videos are age restricted for visitors over 18 years old! You will need to enter your username and password to access restricted video feeds from www.libertyunites.tv

If you are not a member it only takes a minute to get full members access!

Hi,I am the daughter... (Below threshold)
Michelle Jacobs:

I am the daughter-in-law of Robert Jacobs and I wanted to say that I think it is really sad that you would post a link to my Father-in-Laws murder for other peoples personal entertainment.Maybe you should think about the family feelings and remember that he was a Person not a News story.Shame on YOU and Anyone that would watch it!!!!

Welcome to the world of ame... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the world of american disinformation.

feel outrage..

support america..

Heil Bush!

All Muslims Must Die... (Below threshold)

All Muslims Must Die

I believe that this is a ga... (Below threshold)

I believe that this is a galvanizing event for Americans in the fight against the terrorist savages. I feel that Americans have had enough of seeing our citizens kidnapped and brutally murdered by these camel humping greaseballs.

We Americans actually helped to STOP the MURDER of MUSLIMS by the serbs in Kosovo less than a decade ago. Those thugs choose not to consider that fact. The Islamic rhetoric about Infidels is just a bunch of garbage spewing out of the mouths of powerless thugs acting in the name of Islam.

Personally I believe that Americans have had enough. There will be payback against muslims in America. Mosques will burn and hopefully some muslims will be kidnapped and their heads will be taken off with a chain saw. Innocent or not.

Those animals do not understand or care about anything except violence. They are a religion of cowards. All of them. The "peace loving" followers of Islam that others have mentioned are nothing but cowards. They do nothing to denounce the acts of those commiting atrocities in the name of their religion. Their complacency is the same as condoning the terrorist actions.

Brace yourself, because Muslims will die in this country. I for one won't condemn the people who kill them.

Please delete the "jheka" c... (Below threshold)

Please delete the "jheka" comment above. It is from a net stalker.

LarryD, listen guy, I'm out... (Below threshold)
Mark J. K.:

LarryD, listen guy, I'm outraged exactly as you are, and really, what normal person wouldn't be?

But I think I'm going to be very careful not to allow myself to be seduced into the same web of hate and deception as the muslim terrorists.

At the same time, it amazes me to no end that there is not a massive uprising among the so-called "good muslims" to exorcise their religion of the evil activities of their extreme members.

I am catholic myself, and when I first learned of the sexual abuse scandalls, I read every article I could find, and when I formed my opinion, I sent emails to every priest, bishop and cardinal I could find, expressing my outrage. Why can't muslims do something similar, unless they secretly agree with their head-lopping friends.

I AM JHEKA! I AM JHEKA! I A... (Below threshold)







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