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Bush Praises Clinton

Last week Clinton defended Bush on Iraq, this week he returns the favor by promoting Clinton's book at a White House event.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Bill Clinton showed incredible energy and great personal appeal. As chief executive, he showed a deep and far-ranging knowledge of public policy, a great compassion for people in need, and the forward-looking spirit that Americans like in a president," Bush said in a speech at the ceremony.

Bush said that Clinton's rise from humble beginnings in the rural state of Arkansas "took more than charm and intellect. It took hard work and drive and determination and optimism."

"I can tell you more of the story, but it's coming out in fine bookstores all over America," Bush quipped, a reference to Clinton's eagerly anticipated memoirs, "My Life," which comes out June 22.

Politics make strange bedfellows.


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Comments (4)

W's just hoping that Bill d... (Below threshold)

W's just hoping that Bill distracts the Democrats' focus away from Kerry.
And those liberals don't believe that George has a brain!

This isn't made-up, is it? ... (Below threshold)

This isn't made-up, is it? :P

I noticed out of all the words Bush used, none of them were "honest" or "moral."

Geez, can't anyone take thi... (Below threshold)

Geez, can't anyone take this for what it is? Political opponents who recognize the humanity in each other.

Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Niel were deadly opponents in the political arena, but they also had a deep mutual respect because they understood that both wanted the best for the nation as a whole.

Can't we stop throwing the vitriol for 10 minutes?

In RE: to Melissa. Bush doe... (Below threshold)

In RE: to Melissa. Bush doesn't have a brain! I can assue you it wasn't his IDEA to comment on Clinton. IT's just a political angle. How can you watch this guy say ANYTHING publically and not see that. He has someone write damn near everthing he says (everywhere he goes...NOTHING original)...all he has to do is read it and try to act. Even a horrible actor like Reagan could pull off a couple of good speeches...even though the GOP has NO intention of doing anything about what is said. Bigger than that...whats a "C" student like Bush jr...doing going to Harvard???? What kind of world do we live in?????






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