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Where's The Gum?

$500 and no gum?

UNION-TRIBUNE - Upper Deck began selling the trading card industry's most expensive packs of cards yesterday, as the Carlsbad company launched its limited-edition 2004 NBA Exquisite series with wood-boxed packs that retail for $500.

The product is targeted at "hardcore collectors" who can resell one-of-a-kind autographed and gold-and rainbow-foiled rare cards in online auctions, according to company spokesman Jake Gonzales.

"People like these cards because of the value they hold," he said.

Baseball cards ceased being fun when you had to keep them under wraps for collectible value. What fun are playing cards if you can't handle them?

My 1,000+ card collection from the 1970's is dog eared, filled with memories, and not for sale.

Update: More in the spirit, The White House kicked off Tee Ball on the South Lawn yesterday.

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I actually had a temp job w... (Below threshold)

I actually had a temp job working in upper deck factory about 13 years ago when they were in Yorba Linda prior to moving to Carlsbad. It was a very interesting experience.






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