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Buyers Remorse III: The search for routes

In the ongoing comedy of errors that is Boston’s preparation for the Democratic National Convention (documented here, here, and here), yet another wrinkle has emerged.

Planners have announced their intentions to close down Interstate 93 outside of Boston to keep traffic away from the convention. The idea was to keep traffic (and potential carbombs and other terrorist threats) away from the Fleet Center. The plan is to close down the highway and divert traffic to secondary roads, through some of the surrounding towns and cities.

However, nobody bothered to ask those towns and cities. The mayors of two of those communities, Somerville and Medford, say there’s no way in hell they’re gonna put up with all that traffic. Today they announced they will close down their own roads if traffic gets too bad and threatens their own people’s safety.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US, and it shows. Many of its streets follow old cow-paths. During the convention, riding a cow might just be the most efficient way to get into, out of, and around the city. Fuel will be cheap, “exhaust” will be someone else’s problems, and if you get thirsty, just bend over and have some milk.

Now if you’ll excuse me, as I promised earlier, I think I better go get some Depends.


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