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Michael Moore's Media Manipulations

Let's assume for a moment that Fahrenheit 9/11 is the Citizen Kane for our generation - obviously a stretch. Does that excuse the contemptible conduct of producer Michael Moore? No.

The Hollywood elite who turned out for the premiere apparently see no problem with the moral relativism he employed in covering up prisoner abuse in Iraq long before the atrocities captured international attention on CBS's 60 Minutes II.

Notice that I'm am not talking about the movies content, but choice Moore has made and the little white lies he has told throughout the process. The stink about Disney not distributing the film? A complete lie from Moore, since the decision had been made over a year ago. Did anyone at the premiere last night call him on his media manipulation? No.

Yahoo reports Michael Moore said, "I don't want this character of Michael Moore to be the focus, I want Lila Lipscomb to be the focus," he added, referring to the emotional interview with the mother of a killed soldier that he presents in the film's climax.

If it's not all about Moore why then would he need to hire political hacks to man a Moore truth squad? JP Benitez notes that it's an because he really does think highly of himself:

And all the while, Moore is committing the fatal sin of all artists who make a push for mass media: He's believing that he's really that good.

It seems he feels that he has achieved olympian cultural importance. He has hired Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani, two former political advisers to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, to form his own private "war room" to fight critics of his new film with tooth, nail and all the angst he has built up from never getting a date in high school.

On June 13, Reuters reported, "The group, (Moore) said, will be staffed by six to seven people and will operate 24 hours a day, monitoring newscasts and scanning newspapers, magazines and other publications for statements made discrediting the movie."

Does the world really care that much about Michael Moore?

The world may not, but the controversy feed media does.


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Does the world really ca... (Below threshold)

Does the world really care that much about Michael Moore?

Apparently so. He has been attacked non-stop, haven't you noticed? Especially by the so-called liberal media, who just make shit up about the movie, like saying that Moore says there aren't any members of Congress with children in Iraq. Wrong! He says there is exactly one (more than once) and this is true.

It is bizarre how you right-wingers attack, attack, attack, and when anyone tries to defend themselves, you act like there is something sinister about that.






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