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What, you mean I actually gotta show up for work sometimes?

Poor John Kerry. Just when heís getting good news in polls, his own state reaches out and smacks him upside the head.

Massachusettsí Lieutenant Governor, Republican Kerry Healey, is pointing out that Senator Kerry (no relation) missed 64% of roll call votes last year and thus far this year heís missed 87%. The most critical one was when an unemployment-insurance extension was being voted on. It needed 60 votes to pass (overriding a filibuster), and it failed 59-40. Guess which senator was busy the day that vote came up?

Under current Massachusetts law, if Kerry resigns his seat, his term will be filled out by someone appointed by the governor. Governor Mitt Romney (of the Salt Lake City Olympics fame) is a Republican, and is extremely unlikely to appoint a Democrat to Kerryís office. Currently, Democrats hold both Massachusetts Senate seats, all ten House seats, the state House Of Representatives, and the State Senate (the last two by commanding majorities). They also appointed most of the state Supreme Court justices Ė itís just the Governorís office that has escaped them for over 10 years.

Romney is being touted as a possible future Republican presidential candidate. Heís as clean as a capitalist, conservative Mormon can be, and even his opponents respect his decency. I donít expect Kerry to actually give up his seat (I think he lacks the character that Bob Dole has, who faced a similar issue in 1996), but itís entertaining as hell to sit back and watch.



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...a capitalist, conserv... (Below threshold)

...a capitalist, conservative Mormon...

Based on my admittedly limited experience, that phrase is triply redundant.

I doubt you see many social... (Below threshold)

I doubt you see many socialist Mormons. I'll take Boyd's disclaimer too though...

I'd rather have a non-votin... (Below threshold)

I'd rather have a non-voting liberal representing me than one who votes against my best interests.

What I think is more telling is seeing the votes that Kerry makes the extra effort to get back to Washington for.

If Dianne Feinstein's renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban comes up for a vote, watch how fast Kerry hauls his keister back to D.C. to vote for it.

Jay Tea,You should... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

You should also note that currently the state legislature is trying to remove the law that states the governor would get to appoint the new Senator if Kerry were to resign his seat! They are currently working on a bill that would require a special election be held instead. Massachusetts Democrats hate losing power.






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